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Amazing video From Russian streamer

Russian streamer Inoy has created an amazing video. He spent a lot of time and effort to create this vid. IMO background music and voice actors are great.

description :

For those who are interested in Lore Guild Wars 2. For those who are not indifferent to the choice of race and role-playing, I shot this film. All his characters are invented, but the stories that happened to their people are not. "My name is" - this is my author's film, which I will leave the community

Be sure to turn on subtitles.


  • Hello!

    I am INOY. The author of this video. I apologize in advance for the translation of subtitles. I'm not good at English, and this is my first experience of adding subtitles to video. I have never done this before. I tried to translate it into English, although some phrases are very difficult to translate literally from Russian into English. Too much terminology. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and criticism! I am very pleased that you are not indifferent to this video. I created it for a very long time, and I invested my monthly income from the channel and, of course, my soul! Hope you share this video in your country!

    **Love you, INOY! :-***

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