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[NA] Small Group Recruiting for Monday Static

About Us:

We are a small group of friends who have various amounts of raid experience and consider ourselves between casual and semi-hardcore. We focus on high end content such as raids, T4 Fractals and Fractal CMs. We all play regularly with most logging in everyday and often playing with each other on a daily basis. We strive to be inclusive and don’t allow for toxic players to impact our time together playing. As most good friends do, we poke fun and grief each other but never in a manner that would be to intentionally trash another player.

This group is guild agnostic and there is no requirement to join any specific guild to be apart of the group. We are also a fairly new group (less than a month old) and are still gelling as a team so don't expect to be entering a group without hiccups. We will make mistakes, we will laugh about it and we will get better and have fun doing it..

Currently recruiting for:
BS capable of playing power and condi
DPS capable of playing pDPS and cDPS

Our Goals:

Enjoying our time playing together and having fun
Regularly clearing all raid wings each week
Completing Fractal CMs on a regular basis

Our Expectations:

Have cleared Wings 1-4 at least once.
No toxicity. We are a group of friends and aren't looking to be the next DnT or SC. Our goal is to get clears and have fun doing it.
Strive to get better with a desire to be clearing all raid wings consistently.
Available Monday 8 - 11 PM Eastern for clear night.

For more details or to get in contact please join our discord server and leave a comment in the recruitment channel.



  • Bumping my post.

    We are still actively recruiting individuals interested in raids and currently we need DPS players but are also looking for individuals who can multi-role for when people are unable to make raids. We clear on Monday nnight from 8 - 11 PM Eastern. Join the Discord if you are interested.

    After request from various individuals we are also in the process of creating a guild. The guild will focus on raids but also do FoTM, Dungeon Token farming, HoT metas and other open world content. For any interest in joining the raid static or guild please join the discord server and post in the corresponding recruitment channel.