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Please critique my tempest build!

I've been really trying to come up with a build for tempest that works for a lot of different game modes (open world, dungeons/fractals, wvw) and this is what I've been using. So far I've solo'd almost every dungeon, several fractals, and most of the hero points that normally require a group using this build. It is certainly not the "optimal" build for fractals, as the dps isn't that high. I usually hover around 12-15k dps. 300 healing power seems to be the sweet spot to boost up some of the water skills healing ability, I'm usually able to heal from 25% health to full without using my healing skill at all. So the survivability is pretty good, at least.

I'd really like to keep my warhorn as one of my weapons, but I've messed around with both dagger and scepter and I think scepter might be better overall, since you can kite when your defensives are on cooldown. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips to improve this at all? One thing I've struggled with a bit is break bars, I can break them by myself but it requires a near perfect rotation of CC skills to do it. Other than that it's been working really well for me thus far, so if anyone is looking for a good solo-friendly build give this a shot!


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    I dont understand the need of earth spec in power build. The only useful trait there is protection on auras, but you sacrifice too many utility skills and traits to achieve same thing that can be done by pure positioning (with eventual help of one utility skill). Not to mention that you're using scepter which means that you can always just kite enemies, and you use elite glyph which means that you're not even taking much damage to begin with. Instead of whole earth spec you could use some of these skills:

    • sandstorm - aoe blind that basically makes you invulnerable against mobs
    • arcane shield - block which is usually enough to escape or finish down enemies safely
    • lightning flash - good escaping/initiating tool, should give you enough time to get your heals back up.

      Spec that works great on non-staff power tempest is air, mostly because of fresh air trait which allows you to stack permanent vulnerability on enemies through air overload on top of giving you fury and ferocity, which together give quite large dps boost. You can take the superspeed trait for better positioning, which is on its own a better trait than whole earth spec because avoiding damage>>>taking reduced damage (not to mention that lots of earth traits dont have any good use while air literally doesnt have a trait that cant be utilized). In case you want even more defense, respec arcane to 3-3-1 or 2-3-1 and get glyph heal.

    When it comes to breakbars just use focus. Warhorn cant even compete with amount of CC that focus provides. If you want to tryhard a bit equip focus, cast air 5 on a boss and mid-cast swap to warhorn through inventory (basically you start the fight with 50% breakbar while still using warhorn for superior damage). Dont forget that shocking aura from air overload also works as CC so make sure you're in melee range in order to trigger the stun.

    When it comes to wvw I honestly dont see how this build would work on anything other than killing npc's and there's plenty of people to do that with so theres no point of ever doing it solo (unless it's a camp of course, but you can do it on almost any glass cannon build). While it may be a bit resistant to insta bursts due to protection, it still has no way to reliably counter any roaming build due to lack of burst, lack of sustained damage, lack of mobility and just lack of actual healing - basically a sitting duck waiting to die while getting kited endlessly (same can be said for spvp). When it comes to large scale fights it straight up has 0 value since protection is provided by guardians, it doesn't heal allies and it doesn't do damage (the only builds that work there are heal tempest and dps staff ele/weaver, everything else is a huge waste of time).

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