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Looking for ranged class?

I only own the core game and looking to play a ranged build.im newer to the game and not enjoying melee range. If tried guardian,mesmer and thief so far, thief being most enjoyable. I'm not interested in elementalist,so the leaves to my knowledge necro and ranger. I'm not huge on controlling pets, but afk pets and summoning is fine. I see a lot of builds suggest melee weapons and that throws me off. I just want to run around leveling and tagging world bosses from a far.

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  • Biggie Shorty.8190Biggie Shorty.8190 Member ✭✭
    edited January 29, 2019

    I suggest you try ranger with longbow, hope it suites your needs. GL!

    Edit: Here is a link to a core ranger build for the open world https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Ranger_-_Longbow_Beastmastery

  • Turkeyspit.3965Turkeyspit.3965 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Core Necro is also a good option. Go Power using Axe/Focus and run minions to tank for you. Its 900 range which isn't as far off as Ranger but it's not melee, and you are very sturdy.

  • Irensaga.6935Irensaga.6935 Member ✭✭✭

    You can do this with a lot of classes.

    I have a staff on my Guardian that works fine for tagging open world content or scepter. Ditto on my staff Elementalist. Shortbow on Thief. Rifle on an Engineer combined with turrets or a flamethrower kit. Longbow on Warrior. Hammer on Revenant. Greatsword on Mesmer. Ranger is obvious. Necromancer has staff... They all have a ranged option. Some are more powerful at tagging mobs of enemies than others.