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  • Hello once and future Slackers! I've been running with these other peasants for a bit, and they are an awesome bunch (except for the King, he's a bit off his rocker. Don't tell him I said that). I don't get to do a lot of stuff with groups due to my own time constraints, but Guild Missions are super fun and the playful banter keeps Discord interesting and lively. Thanks to all the officers that work hard to keep things moving with Guild Missions, Fractal training and such.
    Mel (aka Jhezrial).

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    We're really excited for 2019 and through regrowth n stuff, we just got GH lvl 42 - like I said we are still smaller and doing more. As said we have Fractals and Missions every week, HP runs, n many Discord events like raffles, fashion contests, and scav hunts n more. AND just a great discord and peeps to be part of a weird friendly mature open to all walks of life family.

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • Hello future friends! I've been with these amazing people for about 3 years now, and still going strong! We're a good group of people just looking to make more friends. You'll never have to worry about elitist content or worrying about not knowing enough about Fractals to do them, we're all willing to help each other out and understand everyone starts somewhere. We'll help each other along the way :smiley:

  • SO - slackers of Tyria - probably too much work to even apply or ask a question we get i :D BUT - we are growing (yes, still a "small" guild AND US PT based BUT OCX friendly by a lot, just to clear up not an Aussie guild despite many Aussies :) and are excited that in February we'll be doing our first Raids - slacker style. That is, LEARNING; SLOW; FOR CUPCAKES; FOR THE KING AKA FUN TIMES TOGETHER - not min/max - open to variation of classes and skill and flexible scheds; slackers have RL slacking to do! Now of course there's some req. that are obv like gear, stats, etc.

    BUT we're not a raid guild lol again so dont join primarily for raids just something we didnt do before we're TRYING to slowly do now - again we have regular low tier fractal runs, aiming for a higher tier night, MISSIONS, and LOTS of DISCORD stuff -> in-game. aka player made JPs, scav hunts, fashion contests, etc. SO - either contact me, an officer OR APPLY (site leads to posting app on discord, but you can also PM me in-game or here for direct discord app channel IF really gonna join :)

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • Join and slack with us. I've been with XTRA for a few months but did not know about this post till today (I discovered those slackers from Reddit post). We had lots of fun during our weekly guild missions, fractals and dungeons exploration, and some pee-vee-pee matches too. Oh, we also have a home-made jumping puzzle in the guild hall which 1st prize is a LEGENDARY PRECURSOR (yes, your read that right, a precursor), and I must admit that it's pretty tough that I gave up even tho I was drooling on the prize. There's also fashion contests running every other month with "drooling" prizes from our fashionista Queen.

  • So uh, if I were (hypothetically speaking) interested in joining this guild, I would just express said interest here? Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  • @random.8305 said:
    So uh, if I were (hypothetically speaking) interested in joining this guild, I would just express said interest here? Hypothetically speaking, of course.

    Practically, how to apply has been mentioned in the original post =) , and I just copy it down here for your convenience:

    SITE APP/DISCORD: https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/gengw2app
    SITE: https://xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/home
    SITE GUILD RULES: https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/rlxsbasicscreedmemberconduct

  • Cool, thanks for clearing it up for me. :)

  • Hi! Currently living on Norway, but play on NA servers. I’m interested in joining and slacking off with you all :)

  • Thanks all who've joined! YES, we have a round-about way going site->discord - bad experience giving discord link out here direct before; despite precautions for unranked peeps/bots join never posting question answers and meh Im too slack to deal LUL ANYWAYS...

    A simple bump - it's not easy a smaller-med guild growing at a slower quality pace but we've been getting cool peeps like above ^ and when nothing official is scheduled peeps ask/do dungeons, fracts, PvP etc. so come be part of the weird trying to be social cupcake devouring royal quirky fun close slacker fam! Or don't lol :)

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • What the Fractal!?! So we are learning T1 fractals and getting into T2. I’ve only been to one night of fractals (having never done them before) and those experienced with them were very patient and informative. Super chill experience.
    Also, some of us were recently working on LWS2 achievements and other things. I’m currently lost in Auric Basin. If you see me, stop waving and help me kill this giant plant before it squashs me into jelly! See you in and around Tyria! But don’t forget to post an app also. They give out cupcakes. ;)

  • New year, new slacker!! come one, come all, we have cupcakes, funny people, Aussies, Fractal training, fashion contests (i suck at because fml), jumping puzzles in the GH created by yours truly, and and and .................................................... crisp hi-five, if youre a good slacker maybe even a crisp hi-ten ;).
    But in all seriousness, we are pretty chill, we help each other out where we can and we slacker together :p

  • Well cupcakes for Valentines :) Doing more and more. Slacker way :sunglasses:

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

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    Did our first raid last night! Learning, casual, Wing 4 only first 2 bosses 'cause slackers yo n most peeps were new to raids. BUT epic fun. We're far from becoming a raid guild lol (we do more fracts) and still casual but - hopefully more; n can't promise new peeps get instant spots but it's starting casual/flex etc. Currently NA SAT 10pm PST/22:00 UTC-8 (we also have 6 timezones who raided (Germany, Aussies, Canada, SEA, PST/MST). read OP, ask ques, Discord req. and questions there either via site app for link or ask for direct.

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • In the past month since joining, I've learned so much and made so many friends. Such an excellent community of players. Scheduled guild activities Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and lots of unscheduled impromptu runs of things as people need help working towards various things (gear, dungeon tokens, fractal leveling etc.) Doesn't matter if it's chatting in guild chat or trudging through Arah explorable it's always very easygoing and inclusive! Come hang out with us! 😊

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    Thanks man! :) So linked in OP (should read anyways) is site-> app->discord link it's fully automated. I get that is an extra step, so you can reply, MAIL me here/in-game for discord link (where there's instructions->simple questions to fill n post in an intro channel that IS req). Cant promise it'll be quick I try my best. You can TRY my discord name but Erisk Redlemur#7944 too but may get error. (more contacts in OP) we're trying all Tyse said but GW2 is in a slow period it seems help keep us slacking! :)

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • What about people who might not be able to run around and join in all of the guild activities? Do any of you RP?
    I've got a busy life but I want to be in a guild that won't boot me if I'm not around terribly often.

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    We RP our royal slacker theme not seriously but - we're slackers, of course we allow RL :) and not everyone is expected to make activities and there will have times away from game you wont be removed. Long as ya make an effort when able :) But continue searching can DM us anytime. :)

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • Most of my game play is solo due to time constraints, but when I am in need of help, Slackers come out to help always. I try to make Guild Missions weekly, which is a laugh-riot if you can get into voice chat. We have an eclectic group of wonderful people from all over the world. Discord is pretty active as well. We are still growing but the Guild hall has made huge gains of late! You will not regret slacking with us! :)

  • Nice guild, super nice people, great atmosphere, 10/10, good consistency, little bit sweet(not too sweet), a hint of nutmeg, forgot what I was describing, but ANYWAYS....
    It is a great guild to be in, plain and simple. :)

  • We're looking for a few good Slackers. Join us...

  • Bump for an awesome guild! Slack hard! Check other comments! We do a lot but nothing super serious. I mean, we are slackers, right?

  • Barobins prematurely bumped - always a sucky condition :) hehe - NOW links in OP, new OP, etc. ! Slackers are back to - slacking? Yeah, we're rebuilding sorta - so, if patient, help us reform an already great community! Lots of stuff coming! PLEASE READ OP - PM me w/ questions OR a contact at bottom of OP. We don't generally invite if u simply whisper there's a quick site/discord question/app to do n pretty easy tbh! Remember we want XTRAORDINARY slackers! :)

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • We are actively recruiting again! Come join- new events, debauchery and a great community!

  • Noticed this Guild before I bought the expansion's, well worth joining, Fun, no drama, cool, knowledgable, helpful people...Glad I got in! :)

  • Big plans for August fellow Tyrian's.. now's a better time than normal, and it's normally a pretty great time, to join Slackers
    Come join us for shenanigans, fashion contests, raffles, cupcakes and more 😁😍

  • we are an awesome guild with a variety of people from all over. but most importantly...... fashion wars, raffles, fun silly community, and my Aussie accent.... I mean fractal training definitely meant fractal training.

  • So I had to run from King Erisk for a long time for posting early. He almost baked me into one of his famous cupcakes.
    This guild is still awesome and only getting better with all the activities coming up and currently going on. Check us out! We can’t bake everyone into cupcakes so bring a friend to sacrifice! :-)

  • So after being afk for a month ( i had the feeling it was time to get body parts removed ) I am goingback in Business for our Guild. We are still here.
    We Still grow and still make new friends.
    So, if u are looking for awesome and quality pvp all day and night 24/7 365, Meta battle instand win free loot raids, wel then u are reading the wrong thread.
    Move Along! Nothing to see here!

    We are not top notch well some are), we are no raid gods/pvp masters of the universe, but our ppl try to have a good time ingame and usually help
    with tips and sometimes items/gear or missions if u are feeling lonly.
    We are into other games aswell, like Swtor (i swear it will get better!) or Warframe ( we got true experts on that game!).
    U got limited time due RL family or just cause u play casual? No issue here. Guildmates from all over the world
    got the same issues or even worse. Noones forced to do anything (besides Officers.. we have to slaug..ermm.. train new joined ppl).

    Contact the ppl/Officer from our guild if u want to chat and see if we could be something u are looking for. Join the Discord and see if u think we could be a new home for your playstyle. Not what u are looking for? No bad blood for leaving ( maybe a short post why, t help us improve ^^ )

  • Yep! ^ Raids returning soon; check our OP (like please lol), we're open to all walks of slack! LGBTQ+, NEW, VET, RETURNING, DISABLED, whatever! Be 18+ , respectful AND somewhat SOCIAL!As a SMALLER SOCIAL GUILD trying to grow in GW2 again it's all about the COMMUNITY and trying to bring peeps into this awesome longtime international community of crazy fun slackers to contribute your cupcakes and crazy with us!

    SO If you NEVER rep us or never use GC and don't do ANY events w/us AND never use our discord after joining - you could be removed (log in only a few times a week? COOL! Don't feel like doing a guild event? COOL, just SAY so :) SO with that said, we have a big RP event Aug 2r3rd to cross promote our SWTOR guild and GW2! :) (OP has APP link that leads to discord OR contact ME or an OFFICER in OP but still need to join/post app/questions in discord eventually :)

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • Inclusive guild! No pressure to play nor attend events, just chat a little bit on discord so everyone knows you're well and about. I NEED MORE AUSSIES AND PEOPLE AROUND THAT TIMEZONE MAN!!! Join us!!

  • ^ Agreed. hehe (that being said we DO want ppl to join in on events n stuff again, we're a SOCIAL snuggy geeky mature guild, dont join for ninja buffs or to never say ello! ALSO - our site is undergoing maintence, APP/QUESTIONS in OP still works, and the discord link is there. Please read OP tho :) SO seriously, come slack with us and work alone somewhere else! :) We're starting RAIDS again soon!

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • This quote is verbatim:" We're open to all walks of slack! LGBTQ+, NEW, VET, RETURNING, DISABLED, whatever! Be 18+, respectful AND somewhat SOCIAL! As a SMALLER SOCIAL GUILD trying to grow in GW2 again it's all about the COMMUNITY", I am so glad I joined this guild as a real Newb, the amount of help, advice on Anything! and the sheer friendliness and laughs is way cool!
    PS, and I'm in the UK so anyone else from around there have no fears of joining up, heh we could form a "Nightwatch" and just scuttle about whopping baddies :D

  • Yeah, they're great! Best guild ever, definitely not holding me hostage. :P

  • BUMP - no we've not been slacking tbh I prob can update the OP a bit - BUT - please browse it - we may be slackers BUT we're a smaller SOCIAL guild - silly, thematic, chill, yep BUT quality > quantity slacking :) Link in OP to site app that has DISCORD LINK - OR - ask via DM/mail ingame OR add my discord name to FL: Erisk Redlemur#7944 (again, ALL have to fill a quick questions n post in an intro/app channel in discord :)

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • Hey hey- Gw2 officer Tyse here! things are BOPPIN' with the slackers. Fractals Mondays (learning/.no gear req but run higher tier groups as we can!), Dungeon night in the works (probably wednesdays?) weekly missions on Thursdays and casual group event night Sundays! All of our events start at 8:30PDT but people are most active from daily reset until 10:00PDT, but we do have some daytime folks, and some EST Slackers as well. Pretty easy to get an informal group going for something though just have to ask- we all have lives and there are ebbs and flows but if you're looking for an anti-hardcore guild that'll help get you through content and (hopefully) make you and your future guildies better players then you're in the right place :)

  • Bump for an awesome guild and group of eclectic weirdos and a few normal people (they’re the weirdest of all!)

  • Shameless bump.. WE'RE STILL HERE!! and with revamped event days/ times.. plenty still going on here between guild missions, fashion contests, raffles, fractals and strikes and more! with times for NA and OCE players there's no reason not to join us!!

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    I've remade the OP! YEAH our glorious Duchess Ez our Aussie Vice GM of GW2 guild says above (eternally), we are back to recruiting; we're slackers, slow times happen - help make us Xtraordinary even more so! (pls read OP/browse we DO req. discord (not voice) for app n contact. Welcome to ask questions via DM, mail, Discord (contact info bottom of OP). NOW GET SLACKING! Slack together, work alone!

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • Count Tyse here (hi!) our PvP lead to talk a little bit about the PvP/WvW environment in the guild and why [XTRA] is a great place to dip your toes into competitive game modes if you're new and/or if you're experienced to find a chill group to run with!

    Many people in gw2 find the PvP/WvW communities to be quite competitive and sometimes toxic- in slackers we look at being anti-toxic and sportsmanlike. Things do happen and while we can't control everyone that we match with in a game nor everything that happens, we're generally supportive of each other when we encounter toxic players/win-traders/bots/hackers etc. We don't place blame on anyone (ESPECIALLY while new/learning) and are quite supportive. Group unranked queues happen informally and it's generally easy to get your PvP dailies done that way. I'm happy to duo queue in ranked PvP with anyone regardless of their experience level and/or the impact it could have on my rank but some members DO try to improve/maintain their rating so always be sure to ask ranked or unranked if you're still learning and you're sure to have a chill time! We don't force builds on anyone when grouping up but we do sometimes make suggestions if something isn't viable to prevent you from getting your face bashed in and consequently having a bad time! Personally, I'm VERY excited about the upcoming balance patch on Feb 25 in that it's addressing a lot of the power creep and 1-shot builds which will hopefully make competitive modes more fun and easy for new people to get into. It would be AWESOME to have more friends to build craft with!

    On the WvW front Stormbluff Isles has been newly minted as our WvW home and we're venturing into some chill, small-scale havoc/roaming or tagging along with the zerg fun! WvW participation or being on SBI is SUPER not required to be a member but we do have a few there and we like to play together in whichever ways we can :)

    Hope that you join us in soon, whether it be for the mist wars or general Tyria shenanigans!

  • Another year's gone by, and it's time to pump this up again to have some new cupcake flavors added to this guild. We're small, but super fun and chill. Weekly guild missions is a laughing stock with various accents around the world. Beware, there will be a "XTRA CAKE Squad" from Stormbluff Isles getting on your way in WvW.

  • There is much to see and do across all of Tyria. What could be better than experiencing all that’s out there? Experiencing it with cupcakes! We eagerly anticipate the updates and look forward to seeing new faces among our ranks in all game modes, like @Tyse the Black.6789 shared above.
    Also, there are still new players who would like to see the vintage content like dungeons (that’s me!!) and world bosses and so on!

    I plan to be doing some open dungeon runs in the future for masteries and currencies. Come along for the cupcakes, stay for the fun!
    See you in-game!!!

  • SLACKERS OF TYRIA HEAR US! SEE US! Thanks to our Noble Syn Ashclaw who transported into the Earth realm to attend PAX East represents XTRA and claimed the board for the League Of Xtraordinary Slackers and his King!

    Yes, we're still regrowing in a slow period for GW2 but this proves our loyal slackers are all over the world in our longtime community since SWG! (and perhaps still there! :) Read our OP - the SITE APP link actually links directly to discord to do the app there. Or questions pls ask us! :)

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • STRIKES, FRACTALS, DUNGEONS, FASHION AND MORE!! We have monthly raffles with some HUGE prizes! What's not to love?!
    So come for the events, and stay for the cupcakes!! Slackers could be your next forever guild ;)

  • We've been slacking with everything in a good way... OP has links/pls read - can DM for discord which doing an app/questions are required BUT - slacking awaits in these times! Stay nice and safe all!

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • Active officer here- still slacking away! I'm a good person to contact via in game whisper or mail if you're thinking of getting to know our weird little fam out as I'm on with being home.

    Current standing events we run:
    (All times are Pacific (PDT) so do what you will with your conversions- we have slackers all over the world tho so there are usually a couple on!)

    -Tues 9pm PDT Fractal Training/Progression (Responsive group based on who shows up)
    -Thurs 9pm PDT guild missions
    -Sat 10pm PDT Strike Missions
    -Sun 10pm PDT Misc. event night (Guild social dungeons/bounties/whatever people need)

    • MONTHLY themed discord fashion contests
    • MONTHLY raffles - tickets awarded thru event participation (we sometimes do suped-up ones, too!)

    Events in the works:

    CHILL ANTI-TOXIC PvP/WvW/competitive training [We are VERY casually on SBI for WvW]
    Some kind of early evening social for when my sleep bum can't stay up so late!

    We are also largely social on discord- it's a great digital home if you're looking for one!

    -Tyse :D

  • Looking to join

  • Tyse, I sent you a message in-game, looking forward to chatting!

  • Some event refocuses happening soon INCLUDING - social raid night for FUN, training, trivia, drinks, etc. Emphasis is NOT "finishing" or speeding.
    Official changes posted here next week!

    Again, check our OP - DISCORD IS REQ. - the main app/questions is there - link to site link in OP links to discord or DM me, Tyse or eternally-damned/Ez in-game or here.

    We may be "casual" and slackers BUT we're a SOCIAL guild so - that doesn't mean constantly chatty unless u wanna be, BUT we're NOT a solo guild or try not to be aka ppl do their own thing n never talk/do group stuff w/ guild. We don't force things per se, peeps do their stuff alone of course BUT joining hopefully means u wanna interact/ALSO do stuff with us when offered/able/at times, NOT always :)

    WORK ALONE! And have cupcakes! :)

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

  • hello sir, do you do Wvw? thanks