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Is Light of Deldrimor consumable or Gizmo ?

I finally has it but wonder if it is reusable next day ?


  • tl;dr you can save it or sell it on the TP; it will keep forever until you need it

    The two half-plates are consumable (both in the API and because you combine them, which consumes the items). The combined plate is technically the Light of Deldrimor Plate. The API describes it as a gizmo.

    Regardless, the plate can't be used; you have to trade it to the ghost dwarf to gain the LoD effect. You can do that whenever you like, outside of 30 minutes before reset (that's to prevent you from accidentally starting the puzzle without time enough to finish looting).

  • What I meant is, can I have multiple 30-minutes windows as many as I can, with respect to reset?

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    @Totite.6543 said:
    What I meant is, can I have multiple 30-minutes windows as many as I can, with respect to reset?

    It is not reusable the next day. It is savable for another day since the item does not disappear if not turned in for the buff. Once you turn in your completed Light of Deldrimore it gets consumed. One Light of Deldrimore can not give you multiple 30 minute windows.

    Not sure if you can turn in multiple Lights of Deldrimore (via either saving up multiple lights or buying them from the TP) but this should not be needed. The 30 minute timer is more than sufficient to complete the 3 rooms and bonus room. The chest are definitely not loot-able multiple times.

  • The dwarf only accepts one plate per day. 30 minutes is enough for the following:

    • Completing the puzzle and search & looting each room's hidden treasures (2 per room, total of 6).
    • Visiting the treasure/green room and looting its three chests (one is the hidden treasure with the guaranteed 3 jewels).
    • Searching the hallway above, en route to the mastery point (2 more hidden chests).
    • Swapping map instances (via LFG, if available) to grab any bugged hidden chests.
    • In a new instance, it is sometimes possible to reach the two other rooms for more hidden treasures (2 per those rooms, total of 4).

    tl;dr no matter what you do, you are limited per account to 8 hiddens + one special hidden without tricking the game.
    (You can increase that to 12+1 by judicious map swapping.)

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