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Hello everyone!
I'm DreamyAbaddon, the creator of GW2 season 1 movie on youtube.

I am currently working on my next big GW2 movie that is based on the Edge of Destiny novel which takes place 5 years before the game. The movie will have a Prologue which explores the lore of Tyria to help new players catch up on what's happened in the world before the main story of Logan, Rytlock, Zojja, Snaff, Eir, and Caithe begins from Chapter 1. The thing to note is this entire movie starting from the first chapter outside of the prologue, will involve brand new assets hand drawn by my wonderful artist which I'll need to use for my editing project and of course these drawings take a lot of time to make and they cost too much for me to afford alone. So If you're interested in helping me fund this project so I can make this movie a reality then please support me on Patreon here:

Those who support me through patreon will be in the credits in the movie!

Keep in mind, the prologue does NOT include the original assets. The original assets will be used after the prologue and the assets used in the prologue will be credited appropriatly to the original artists who made them. The fonts for the written narration is NOT finalized and is subject to change.

For those of you who wish to see what the prologue looks like for this movie, here is a sneak peak at what's to come:


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