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Just tell me how

When stood on a keep wall in WvW I get hit by 1) Pyroclastic Blast for 6,337 damage then 2)Eruption for 13,627 damage. The guy that hit me was down below outside. Not interested in git gud/dodge comments, just curious about the amount of damage from 2 skills.. tnx


  • steki.1478steki.1478 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Pyroclastic blast has long travel time and most of it's damage is packed on first hit (it's ticking for like 500-1000 after it lands) and eruption has a skill with ~3 second "charge" time so when it hits it hits somewhat hard. Those numbers are kinda rare to see but not impossible, especially if ele had 25 might and you were playing full glass cannon.

    I've had lightning surges that hit 2k, but I've also had ones that hit for 12k, you win some you lose some.

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    With stacks of might + fury + landing a crit + attuning to fire or air after that and preparing multipliers before the skill hits you, these numbers should be achievable.

    450-750 increased power from might + 240 ferocity while under the effect of fury + tons of multipliers on either Fire or Air (Power and % dmg increase if attuned to fire and ferocity if in air) + Swift Revenge from weaver trait line while under the effect of swiftness (7% dmg increase) + 10% dmg increase if fully attuned (8s buff) from Elements of Rage also weaver trait line + Arcane Wave (instant cast) + Elemental polyphony that provides extra +120 ferocity or power, with full zerk stats + food + utility these numbers can get that high because they have a charging + channeling time, thus the effect should be equivalent for waiting.

    All these multipliers can be easily done before the ability has fully charged.

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    I think the culling of rev hammer skill doing far higher dmg on far lower cd makes any thing on ele a joke.

    See ELE forms and you will get my views.

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    If you were hit that hard you must be running no toughness and were crit. The ele was probably glassy and had might stacks (especially the fire traitline might on fire skill) and damage modifiers from weaver.


    Eruption only has damage coefficient of 1.5 and is delayed 3s.

  • Thanks for the explanations guys, for your info i was on my 'SoulBeast' running full Marauders exotic armour with some toughness in the trinkets and back. Also using 'Bowl of Mussel Soup'.

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    Your pet could have killed that ele ez.

  • @MyPuppy.8970 said:
    Your pet could have killed that ele ez.

    LoL I was rezzing a player at the time though so i didn't see it coming which is why i asked on here.

  • MyPuppy.8970MyPuppy.8970 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Neworder.7981 said:

    @MyPuppy.8970 said:
    Your pet could have killed that ele ez.

    LoL I was rezzing a player at the time though so i didn't see it coming which is why i asked on here.

    Yeah I guess, yolo eles only work on unaware targets.