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Jack-of-all-Elements build

As the build said I take inspiration from the Red Mage. A master of both black and white magic with swordplay but is not the master of any. I think that the Elementis is perfect for somthing like that as there and easily switch between doing damage, heal, take damage and control the battleful. From the sound of it, there made the Elements to be able to do all of that at the same time. Will with people often choose to focus on one of the elements.

For my Specs to go with Arcane since it wants you to switch between them and the Weaver because it adds more abilities to my mine skills. As for gear, I went with a sword, since its base of the Red Mage and a Focus for support but I'm not fixed on either of those weapons as I don't really know what weapon allow the most utility out of all of them. As for gear, It's all Celestial since my build is all about balances but it's not set in stone if you think there another gear type that would fit into this. For my skill bar, I would most likely go with glyphs and Arcane since there change with what element you are. Though I don't know which is more powerful or useful. You may have notich that I didn't say what is my third spec as I like to have it be able to switch out for what fits what is needed. With all that siad, I would like to hear you thought about them and any tips for a new Elementalist. Here my build with each element and what traits I have and what you think are better traits.
Fire for when I just need to deal out much damage.
Air for when I need to be on the move a lot during battle and deal quick stong damage.
Earth for when I need to be tough for damages you just can't avoid
Water for when I and my allies need to be able to heal during battle


  • What game mode?

  • sdt.1697sdt.1697 Member ✭✭

    @Mr Godlike.6098 said:
    What game mode?

    I was think mostly PVE

  • If you just want to do pve maps and story content you are free to play everything you like to learn ele - celestial stats will be more then enough to make your playthrough comfortable. If you got expansions i would recommend going tempest specialization over weaver. It's really forgiving for ele newcomers with it's heal spam and it fits your Jack-of-all description perfectly. If you have ambition to really master ele you should learn to play, dps and survive on berserker stats with weaver elite specialization.

    If you want to do fractals/ raids I would advise to first find group of friends that are not psycho-try-hards. If you try pugging you will be forced to play glass cannon builds and it will be expected from you to know and be able to pull of your max dps rotation... and mastering it takes time.

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    I'm trying to build something similar, but with a tempest. I also crafted a Celestial gear (still have to decide the runes) and yesterday I removed some dust from this alt (moved it away from the JP chest) and before opening the ascended weapon box, I decided to play last LW episode with the scepter (+warhorn), caused I didn't remember this weapon at all. The problem was that I've been surprised to see how easier it was, compared to the staff that I've always used. I mean, I never died! That's some achievement.

    My question is: is the scepter also fine to heal casual groups in open world/dungeons/low tier fractals? The scepter seems better for soloing content/story, but I also liked the staff in water, with the combo #3, #2 and the wide healing rain (the scepter's radius seems smaller, idk how it works with random ppl, especially if I don't take the Water line). I'd like to avoid changing weapons/traits (again, I won't do anything serious with it, just putting some healing here and there with pugs).

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    Cele build but more then likely your going to be a bruiser build more then a jack of all you just simply cant support with out high boon duration / healing power and you cant dmg with out high power / crit dmg.

  • Hi!
    I always loved playing versatile professions, and ele is one of the most "jack of all trades" out there.

    That being said, while celestial is a obvious choice for jack of all trades, i prefer playing with marshal stats (power/healing power + precision and condition damage minor)
    This condenses more stats into the main aspects of a "jack of all trades" than celestial in my opinion such as raw dmg, precision chance, condition damage and healing.
    I use runes ,sigils and traits to expand condition duration, and the signet of fire for extra critical chance.

    The only thing lacking is ferocity but hey, im sure if you mix up some stuff up, add some food, stack might, add some boons and you can get that as well.


    This build here is a core marshal staff ele with. With no boons and no food it has:

    • 2322 power (when attuned to fire)
    • 44% crit chance
    • 908 condi dmg
    • 90% burning duration +20% bleeding duration
    • 1172 healing power
    • and around 13k health

    I use fire-water-earth, fire for dps and burning on crits, water for great heals and 10% more dmg, and earth for added defense and to boost my signets cdr and make them perma active even if i use them.

    signet of restoration heals nicely constantly per spell, signet of fire deals a strong aoe burn,signet of water adds a nice aoe heal
    I use glyph of storms for additional burning/blind/bleeding whatever i need, and for elite i use Conjured fiery greatsword for massive dmg including massive aoe burning spam with fiery eruption.

    Staff weapon on it self is pretty strong and versatile, from loads of aoe dps, some burning, combo blasts, aoe cc, and also great water healing!
    Water blast can be directed in any direction and you can splash heal for 665/ps,geyser heals aoe for 5100 (+around 1300if you blast it) per 16s, and healing rain clears aoe condies and applies regen that ticks for 277 (with another 277 from soothing mist is a whooping 554ps heals)

    I always look at core professions and how far can i push them ,but im sure there is also a good marshal tempest or a marhsal weaver choice to go for :)

  • Urud.4925Urud.4925 Member ✭✭✭

    Thanks for your feedback @Vukorep.3081 , your build is definitely better than what I had in mind with Celestial (you deal more damage and provide more healings at the same time). Although you are obviously more squishy.
    Did you try the scepter+warhorn with your build? What do you think about those weapons/why you prefer the staff? (I'm not saying that they are better, I'm trying to decide what weapon to use).

  • @Urud.4925 Well yeah, i am a bit more squishy in terms of health and armor, but i deal more dmg, more condi dmg, and i heal my self (and others) much more.

    However, i compensate it with active defenses. Staff has some massive aoe ccs, as wel as a very long dodge from staff 4. Theres also sand storm which is a long aoe perma blind (really powerful ,ever tried thief pistol 5?)
    Not only that, but you can heal your self (and others around you) for around 8-9k health without using your healing skill simply by switching to water, geyser and blast it with ice spike. (and you can do that every 16 seconds)

    As i mentioned before, this is a core ele build, and i picked staff as it has the best utilities that can effect a large number of targets (both friendly and foe).
    The staff is also the most "core" weapon that "enhances" what the elements are designed to do. Fire deals massive aoe dmg, water offers lots of healing and support, air offers some dmg and utility, earth offers defense, weakening and cc.

    Scepter is considered a condi weapon mainly because the main dmg dealing attunement, fire, offers lots of burning. However you can also use scepter with berserkers gear for great spikes using water and air ,with dragon's tooth as a pre-combat burst (similar way you would do with berserkers staff with eruption before going into fire to spam lava fonts and fireballs)
    There is a way to trait water and air to gain massive dmg modifiers (making you a ice mage of sort)

    However using water as a damage element you actually loose a lot of self (and group) healing.
    This makes you a real burst glass cannon mage, which you can improve with either using focus as a defensive weapon, or dagger for more dmg/mobility.

    Dagger/dagger is a selfish weapon imo (with the exception to 1-2 water skills) so i wouldnt want that set up on a hybrid build that also focuses on support and healing others.

    All that being said, i did mention that if you would pick a elite spec, and tweaked a few things here and there, you could make things work just as fine, if not even better.

    The marshal tempests scpeter/warhorn would be a bit harder to play than a core marshal staff ele, but essentially it would make it stronger.

    Overloads on them selves offer strong aoe dmg , and overload water is also pretty amazing (up to 17k healing with the water-3 skills-overload combo, not counting regen or soothing mist).
    This also boosts your own survivability significantly.
    Sharing auras that also heal for 1100hp grant regen, vigor, further improving your survivability.

    As for dmg, you will get 100 less condi dmg (i picked fire-water-tempest), but the ammount of burning stacks you will output is significantly higher than that of a core staff ele. Scepter has lots of burst burning ,and overload fire adds a ton of burning dmg.

    Lets also not forget fiery greatsword dealing massive burning and burst dmg for 1-2minutes if you need it instead of fire scepter burning attacks.

    For comparison:

    • Core staff marshal ele has more large aoe cc, more range, more pulsing aoe dps
    • Marshal s/w tempest ele has more overall heals, burning dps, burst dps, aura sharing, boon sharing.
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    edited February 27, 2019

    Thank you for the detailed comparison @Vukorep.3081
    I always used the Glyph of Storms in fire (sometimes in air), to maintain the burning dot to get the damage increase modifier from burning (only with staff #3/signet of fire is not always easy to maintain during tough fights). I never used it in earth, but yesterday I tried it and it's indeed a very good defensive skill :)

    With the scepter I deal a much higher damage: I can kill the golem in almost half of the time that I need with the staff (and I'm currently in berserker gear with runes of the Centaur (random exotic gear from the TP). I guess it would be even better with the runes of Balthazar or Flame Legion, since foes will have a perma burning). Sharing boons would be also more effective.

    On the other hand, I mostly play with pugs. In dungeons for example, people stack together only after a couple of failures (at least from my short experience), so healing with the warhorn it's much more difficult for me. The staff would be also better to tag in meta events (in air) or doing some bounty, and in general with non-organised groups.

    I guess I'll take the staff after all, since I've already other professions that I use as dps, and I don't like the druid (for the noise of the skills). So this ele would be my only healer, in case I need it for some reason (easy contents ofc). When I must complete some solo-instance (like LW or Hearts and Minds) I can switch to the scepter

    (It took me ages to kill Canach and Eir with the staff... if I'm alone and the mobs move continuously, lava font and AoE are useless :/).

    EDIT: spoiler added

  • @Urud.4925 Np!
    One thing to note is that,even tho ele is very versatile even without stat sets, its quite normal to switch weapons and utility around depending on the situation.

    Its perfectly okay to use staff when in dragons stand (showering an army of modrem with meteors is very satisfying), and its perfectly okay to switch to scepters for bursts in while exploring or in dungeons where mobs usually dont move around much to escape your "wind up" aoes.

    Ive recently played trough HoT story on a sylvari ele using a mix of harrier and marshal gear (was too lazy to change my trinkets) with a staff and healing my self with the water attunement combos was enough to keep me alive while was kiting and ccing large groups of mobs.

    Tho i cant say i did a lot of solo content as hot maps were packed with group events and other players and even in personal stories i had many npc allies around me.

    Sometimes tho i did use 2 elementals, but usually just as a attack boost rather than defense :)

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