[NA] [PVE] Nexus Legends [Core] - Fri-Mon Raids/Trainings - gMissions - Fractals - Discord - Lv69 — Guild Wars 2 Forums

[NA] [PVE] Nexus Legends [Core] - Fri-Mon Raids/Trainings - gMissions - Fractals - Discord - Lv69

Our community is looking for players interested in raids and training. We run experienced and noob friendly raids for beginners. We welcome you whether you do 30k dps or 3k. We will teach and help you progress. You will not face any harsh criticism, hate, or elitism in our groups. We have friendly trainers and leaders who just want to help. Please be aware that we will not carry lazy people who don't wish to put in any work or learn their rotations. Our goal is to have everyone contribute their part in the group in the end, and get their raid rewards, and most of all, have fun as a community.

We also host guild missions and fractal groups during the week.

We are fully maxed and have 50+ members online every daily reset.

If interested, contact Cosminion#8061 in discord. You may have to friend me first to message me. Our discord server is discord.gg/PreGPDX. You may also join and ask for an invite from there.


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