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Purchased the Shrine Guardian Appearance Package but outfit didn't unlock

Admin, I wasn't quite sure where to put this but I feel this fell in line with more of a bug rather than an account issue, but feel free to move if necessary. I did send a report but I know you get flooded with them so I'm putting it here as well.

As the title states, I purchased the 2k gem Shrine Guardian Package and the outfit in the said package did not unlock for me. I have checked my account for the unlock icon and it is nowhere to be found, which means I opened it but the outfit still remains locked for me.

Here is a screenshot of proof of purchase in the history of the gem store plus the the locked outfit on the bottom of the outfits tab.


Thanks for your time and assistance in this!



  • Did you actually add it to wardrobe ? Packages unpack into items you have to add manually to unlock. Try searching for it on site like gw2efficiency.com, if you really don't have it and it's not unlocked best would be to contact support directly from the main page, they will probably resolve this issue pretty quick for you.

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    I did check efficiency before coming here and it was nowhere listed in any of my characters or bank tabs. (First thing I thought of too.) Hopefully support gets back to me in the next couple of days, but appreciate the help.

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    In order for support to get back to you will need to contact them. As you know, you can do that by clicking "Support" at the top of this page -- it's a totally different site -- and then clicking "Submit a ticket." I see that you have done that, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Best of luck!

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    Gemstore items like that are mailed to you and won't unlock until you claim it. Did you claim it from the mail after purchase?

    Keep in mind if your mailbox is full you'll need to delete some mail in order to retrieve it. I think the limit is around 10 mail max that can be displayed in your inbox.

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