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Guild Wars 2 Stories (Updated Frequently)

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SO UH, I'm bein' brave here and postin' my stories for people to actually gasp READ!

In the past, I've created my own headcanon for all the toons I've created, written them down in txt documents for my own records/enjoyment but I think it's time to step out of my comfort zone. So, I've created a place for me to post them and for you guys to read and, hopefully, enjoy. c: Please, tell me what you think on here or in comments on the deviations themselves.

You can find them here,

Hope y'all enjoy 'em! At the present, I only have three parts to the story for my newest toon, Ruairih, (-shakes fist at whoever took Ruairi!-) posted and if things go well, I'll post stuff for more toons. :D Thanks for your time!

Please note that Ruairi's story series, Nightmare, is a bit dark. Read at your own risk! ;P

Edit: Decided to post Keesyn's story, my former mordrem guard sylvari ranger.
Edit 2: Posted Comhall's story, my sylvari daredevil who was captured by the Inquest right after being born.
Edit 3: Posted in-game screenshots of my toons so you can get an idea of what they look like, as well as posted a whopping 20k word story (split into 5 parts) for my newest toon, Jonga Scorchshield, former flame legion fire shaman.


  • Gonna nudge this up a little (what're bumping rules for the forums again?) as I'm still continuing to update with more stories. I've published a story for a 5th toon, my asuran deadeye named Jaarit. He was fun to write up and develop.
    Fun Fact: Jaarit's story has currently taken the record as my longest story, 24,000 words with all parts combined!

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