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Profession Recommendation?

Hey All!

I haven't played for about a year and was thinking about starting again. I was looking for a profession recommendation. Ideally, I'd like to play/level up through the personal story so I am looking for a profession that does good solo damage in the open world and while leveling. Then, at max level, I was looking for a more support oriented build, but still with the possibility to do good open world damage (either solo or in a group). I would appreciate your thoughts!



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    If you do not have the expansions:
    • Guardian
    • Necro with Blood Magic can heal for a good amount


    • Guardian, Firebrand (more supportive), Dragonhunter (more offensive, and squishier). Guardian isn't my thing but they are quite strong if it suits the way you like to play.

    • Herald (boons and potential huge damage reduction), Power Renegade (boons and same/higher damage reduction potential, may have good heals if geared for but it will affect the damage). I found Herald to have better boon uptime without gearing, but Renegade was way more fun to play.

    • Reaper (Blood Magic), Scourge (barrier). Haven't tried Reaper, but Scourge was really strong, though Reaper seems more fun.

    • Chronomancer (Wells and Time Warp, can also run Inspiration + Continuum Split as F5)

    Don't know about Druid's allies' support while having strong solo capabilities.

    Warrior is mostly supportive with their banners, but they aren't mobile.

    Other classes/specs are more self-sufficient and/or supporting can have a great impact on their damage output.

    But in Open World, if you're going to do world bosses mostly, the support you provide would most likely go unnoticed. The supporting part would shine when solo or with a party that knows the basics of the game, so your heals/boons aren't wasted.

    Pull the strings. Watch them dance.

  • Thank you!

  • I know ranger are awsome for solo plays and druid is good healer.
    Anyone have better understanding of druid?

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    I don't think there's a single profession with as huge gap between core and elites as the necro. So i can't promise you exciting and strong 1-80. Once you do get to that 80 though, both reaper and scourge are pve monsters. Mass aoe and mob wipeout with strong sustain, along with unorthodox but viable support playstyles.

    Reaper can slot blood magic to ress and heal his allies via his reaper shroud 4, and generally is 2nd best reviver ingame (after scourge). In open world that matters. It's nowhere near a real support per se, but he has one huge advantage - he can build to have damage, tankyness, healing and reviving all in one. For most supports healing = kitten damage. Reaper can do fair share of all.

    Scourge is the supporty support side of necro. He can heal, mass revive, grant barriers (loved in fractals for it), mass condi cleanse if build right, share might, swiftness and a bit of stability. The two main points to scourge support is that he's a necro, which means he doesn't go down as easy as other healers when under pressure, and strong, party shared barriers, which are unique only to him. No other profession can barrier up his allies to the point it's a viable healer due to that feature.