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Change the picture of the Noxious Mushroom Cap

Hey. Just gonna preface, love the game, however, the picture for the noxious mushroom cap is what some might consider trypophobic. Just a suggestion.


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    This is a fairly simple one to cater to however. Trypophobia is the 'fear' of clusters of irregular holes, (like honeycomb) although fear isn't really the right word - it tends to make people feel physically sick or literally feel itchy (or both), whereas something like arachnophobia is much more of a conventional fear reaction.

    So all that needs to be done to address it in this case is to change the icon slightly so the black spots/holes are removed or made less noticeable. I doubt most people would even notice if it was changed and I can't imagine it will have an impact on anyone else.

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  • Yeah. It's not really a phobia in the fear way, just severe discomfort. The solution to it is to just not draw/model clusters of irregular holes. It's a pretty common thing and a lot of developers steer clear of it, either because they are trypophobic themselves, or they know how notorious of a thing it is.

  • It’s good that they do cater to Equinophobia though. Those horses are scary AF!

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