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Hello guys, my friends and me really want to get a guild hall, but just two of us are level 80. We are searching for 5-8 people with the expansion to help us get it. We would be reallyyyyyyy grateful if you helped us claim it. Thnx in advance


  • I'll give everyone 1 gold if we succeed

  • It's not much but I just have 10 gold

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    Players helping players forum would be better than here.
    What server na or eu.
    Best is to go to the map of the hall you want near then end of a meta and ask for help after the meta.
    They don't need to be guild members, just in your party.
    5 People can easily claim any hall.

  • yeah you are right, we are in an EU server btw

  • We captured all of the guild halls with two people. The HOT guild halls have more trash mobs so condition bunkers with AOEs and Dire or Celestial gear worked well since you can abuse boons like might. I would avoid boons and recommend ranged weapons for the POF guild hall. The champions have a lot of boon corruption and drop AOEs at their feet. You can also run glassy gear since there are less trash mobs.

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    edited February 17, 2019

    edit: the hall is claimed.

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