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Choosing a class

Hey guys I've returned to gw 2 after 5 years. I'm a WoW refugee but I played gw 2 back at launch for a while because I really love the pvp and wvw I never did fractals but the dungeons kind of seemed strange with no tank or healer and I found most encounters to be just a dps race so I stayed away from dungeons and fractals.

I have a guardian and a necro at 80 I'm still getting all the hero points and leveling in the xpacs but before I committed to one char too fully I just wanted to figure out what would work best.

I like guardian and love the idea of a firebrand but I've been mostly playing necro to unlock reaper and while reaper is fun I was a little disappointed with how squishy I feel compared to core necro. I also have an 80 boost and thinking about thief or engi and I'm just wondering what class you guys think would work best to level in the xpacs and still do spvp and function roaming in wvw since I'm mostly a solo player I dont like talking to people too much and usually just hop into wvw and fight.


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    Guardian if it's for PvE or WvW.

    For necro it's not great for roaming in WvW generally due to movement speed / swiftness being lacking as well as stunbreaks. People have been thinking of using firework runes as a workaround. If you're having issues with reaper in PvE , I wouldn't try it in WvW as reaper has far more health and survivability than some other classes.

  • I wasn't having problems per say I just noticed doing reaper in some events in HoT I was squishier than my core necro but I think that was partially due to traits and losing blood magic. It's most likely a L2P issue.

    Thanks for the input though and guard seems to be generally a good fit for PvE and WvW. Core guard seems very strong and firebrand is a good support.

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    Solo pve content: power reaper.

    Solo/small scale wvw roaming: medium classes or mesmer (heavy classes are decent as well).

    Group content in pve/wvw or spvp: firebrand (heal support in wvw and pvp, hybrid dps-support or heal support in pve) or whatever you're using for roaming since builds are somewhat similar.

    While pve group content is somewhat of a dps race (although there are groups with random builds who don't care about speed), the very end game (t4 and CM fractals and raids) doeq use healers (or hybrid supports) and in some raids you even need a tank (which is usually a support who has to hold aggro in addition to its primary role).

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