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Thank you for creating this game!

I just wanted to say my thanks to Arenanet for making this game.
It must be hard work to make and maintain such a massive world and I wanted to show my appreciation. GW2 is one of the examples why games can be considered as art. It has always been a big inspiration to me and also helped me through some tough times. As an artistic person myself I draw quite some big inspiration from the game into my own works such as music, writing and drawing. The artwork has always fascinated me and the soundtrack has even moved me to tears quite often. The story and lore have also always been one of my favorite things. Especially how the main story was told by the combination of artwork and music instead of a regular cutscene are truly unique and one of the things that make this game special. The world design is also a favorite of mine as well as the creature design (even if some creatures and areas looked better in gw1 in my opinion). I find myself sitting on a nice spot and just enjoying the view and the ambience quite often. The landscapes even tell stories on their own and there are a lot of tiny details here and there like for example the exotic foods on the tables in Amnoon or the carved wooden structures in Hoelbrak. Every detail fits into each setting so well and you can tell where the insirations for each theme came from. Overall the world feels "alive" and "believable". You can also see how everything aged over the years from map details such as primary resurrection shrines like the once you can see quite good in the Desolation map or the ruins of Ascalon. You can even tell from these datails the events of the books like for example the bounty in Crystal Oasis for Chief Kronon or notable landmarks like Malchor's Fingertips. It all fits and flows well into the world. These are all just few examples from the total of a ton. Another thing that is a big favorite of mine is the sound design. The way you can hear if something is coming from behind you or from the left or from the right makes the experience even more immersive. All sounds from the chirping of birds, to the rushing of water, the thundering of war, the bioling of lava and the roar of a dragon. It all feels unique and real. Perhaps the sound design is one of my three all time favorites ever because that one of the very first things I noticed when I started playing years ago.
Thank you for your dedication and work!

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    Yup just wanted to say the same, I never found the best moment to do so. Thanks a lot for that game, what I really apreciate is the maps environment and the soundtrack/ sounds ambiance. I'm also an "artist" and started recently drawing manga-style comics with asuras (they are okay, but I'm not enough talented to have a deviantart or art station profile), the lore, races everything fuel my imagination and creativity even backstories for my toons.

    I used to love old lion's arch and wandered several times around my favourites location was the tavern at the top of the cliff at the north~east and the sewers. The overall corsair/pirate ambiance was awesome, now I go to bloodtide coast pirate cave to have the same feelings.

    I'm really impatient to see next expansions, asuras, charrs or norns. Old asuran cities gave me recently the idea of quora sum exploration. For me this game is a real masterpiece. No I haven't known gw1, but I'm very happy with gw2.

    What I really loved is all the little things put around the maps, from little easter eggs through jumping puzzles and lores. I like hearing the Npc's telling you their stories and unexpected events making the world living: Calx's hideout and Oola's lab, the cattlepult in Diessa Plateau, Wayfahrer Foothills hot springs, infiltrating nightmare court in caledon forest...

    What really add a lot in addition of environment is ambient dialogue. Or indirect dialogs: books, asuran consoles, wooden signs...

    It can sound stupid but I like tracking down every Npc with "talk" option, holograms and dialogues through the whole map.

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    I also get quite inspired by this game too (also an artist, mainly the visual arts). Although in some places I believe the game could do with toning down a bit, the world is still very deep and interesting, both in lore and visually. I am particularly inspired by the Crystal Oasis and Verdant Brink maps as I feel their map designs flow very well. Some of my most favourite content is non-combat content like traversing the Bazaar of The Four Winds (when it's open), and taking in-game screenshots. I also love how distinct each of the playable and non-playable species aesthetics are, with Krytan humans being distinctly influenced by European medieval culture, Asura science fantasy, and the Charr steampunk & roman military aesthetic, to name a few.

    Sound design is definitely one of a Anet's strong points. The sounds and soundtracks are varied and I love listening to the various sounds as I travel throughout the world.

    In recent living Story updates (All or Nothing for example) they definitely have been getting more artistic with their delivery of the story.

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    Thanks to OP for stating what I have long felt and never got to stating myself - until now.

    Thank you ANet for all of your GW2 efforts!

  • Yes, thank you Anet. Game is just great. Of course its not ideal, but still better than any other game out there. Especially for open world content.

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    Agreed :)
    Thank you ANet!
    There's still room to improve on a few things, but the game is beautiful!

  • Same. I quit WoW for GW2. Best decision ever, I am really enjoying the sense of reward and personal progression in GW2.

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    dev love auto thumbs-up <3

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    I prefer gw1 more. better everything.

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    In the news of the recent events I just wanted to add this:
    It's truly sad seing all these people go who worked so hard and passionated on both gw1 and gw2. I hereby want to say my farewells and I wish everyone the best of luck for the future.

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