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What is typical DPS on a "normal" raid golem with "average" HP but NO perma boons?



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    Was messing around with the training golems, and trying to see what the max sustained DPS I can do on an average golem in the absence of boons, other than what I can generate and sustain myself. This may sound like a counterproductive endeavor, but I find it sort of helpful to determine what you may be able to solo (content wise). Didn't know if anyone else out there had done this. I found that I have doubled my boonless DPS output from when I first used the special forces training area:

    initial 6 months ago:
    Reaper (Lv80) full exotic gear and weapons (cavalier/reaper runes; axe/focus/GS) plus full ascended trinkets (cleric): ~2200 DPS

    Reaper (Lv80) full exotic armor (crusader/reaper runes) and exotic weapons (cavalier; axe/focus/GS) plus full ascended trinkets (cavalier): ~4800 DPS

    Unfortunately, don't know how this compares against what other people could achieve.

    Thats kinda low dps try berserker stats instead. Try to hit between 15k to 20k dps

    I find very unlikely a profession can hit those numbers without boons...

    Not really unlikely, reaper has access to permanent 25might and doesn't need fury due to decimate defenses, also permanent quickness while in shroud. But has the least scaling power of all classes.

    All classes settled around 10k DPS unbuffed when we last tested it.

    The problem is now, that some classes scale better with buffs than others do. Let's take scourge for example (cause I'm main necro) adding all buffs results in up to 29k DPS, so buffs increase dmg by 19k (which is insane in my opinion, better scale down the bosses and make people do less dmg)
    But other classes have 24k dmg increase.
    So they scale better with buffs.

    And the other problem that some classes have easy access to some boons (mesmer, necro,...) because they are build in in their maximum dmg build.

  • My spellbreaker no boons hit for 7600 dps dagger/axe main greatsword off hand!!

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