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I haven't played in forever and re-downloading. If I decide to stick with the game and buy the Xpac, can I just buy the latest Xpac and it gives me the last two?


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    PoF is the latest expansion, but it does not include the expansion before that, HoT. Usually there is a bundle in the web store where you can get them both at a reduced price. Also if you have not logged in for a lengthy period of time you will also need buy living story episodes you missed if you want to play those stories. LS episodes are free if you logged in at least once during that episode, but if you didn't you have to buy it to play.

  • you can get HoT for $20 more if you buy PoF if you want. Unlike other games you can play them out of sequence

  • So you do need to buy both, it sounds like what you're saying. Gotcha.

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    @Phight.4806 said:
    So you do need to buy both, it sounds like what you're saying. Gotcha.

    There is no "need", that being the key aspect here.

    You can keep playing the base game, or you can buy one of the expansions, or both, or the other. You can play them in any order you wish, and you even have a lot of content in the base game, and a a few things they've added afterwards.

    You can play the story in any order you want, so if you want to you can buy PoF and play that, and ignore HoT.

    But if you care about the story and wanting it in order:

    • Personal Story (Core Game)
    • Living Season 2 (Gemstore)
    • Heart of Thorns (Explansion 1)
    • Living Season 3 (Gemstore, req Exp1)
    • Path of Fire (Expansion 2)
    • Living Season 4 (Gemstore, req Exp2)

    That said, not everyone cares equally about the story, and might go for other things/features. So PoF is popular for the mounts, and not as confusing maps as HoT. So a lot of people go Core and then buy PoF. They've made everything optional.

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    If you're going to buy them both it's best to buy them together because you get a discount that way, so it's cheaper than buying them one at a time. In the UK each expansion is £25.99 on it's own, so £51.80 for both, but if you buy them at the same time its £42.99. (And equivalent prices in other regions, but it doesn't show me those prices.)

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  • Or, you can just play Core, for now...start a new character and level it to 80, perhaps complete the Personal Story and/or Living World Season Two and wait for a discount offering on the Path of Fire Bundle (Path of Fire + Heart of Thorns).

    If you are into 'story', the Living World Season Packs may be still offered at a discount in the Gem Store right now.

    Welcome return, and good luck.

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    Neither expansion is automatically included with the other. However, there are bundle packs which include significant discounts and bonuses when buying them together.

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    buy pack of both, get overwhelmed with content and ask self why you were playing this game :)

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  • ANet doesn't include Expac #1 in Expac #2 for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that both expacs can be played without owning the other. That's not true (or not meaningfully true) for a lot of other games. The pricing is already low enough so that if you buy both expacs together, you'd spend US$50, less than than the US$60 that the game cost originally.

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  • On the other hand no HOT also means no gliding.
    No POF also means no mounts 1 to 5.
    Also no season 4 episode 3 means no 6th roller beetle mount. B)

  • @Phight.4806 said:
    So you do need to buy both, it sounds like what you're saying. Gotcha.

    No you do not need both I was only suggesting you get a discount if you purchase Path of Fire. With HoT you do get quite a bit of content, although it is a bit harder. If you just want PoF get PoF. Just remember you will be missing 1/3 of the game.

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