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Mmmogames interview about the warclaw

WvW players know all too well that content for the least popular game mode is rare, so when it does happen it’s something really exciting. That’s why we’re so excited that there’s a Guild Wars 2 WvW mount coming out. This mount won’t just get you around the battlefield quickly, though there is that benefit.
The Warclaw comes with three special abilities that will enhance your WvW gameplay. The first is Battle Maul. When you jump into battle while mounted your Warclaw will maul your enemy before it disappears. This is your standard attack and dismount move.

The second ability is Chain Pull and from a WvWer’s standpoint possibly the most exciting of the three abilities. Those on Warclaws will be able to help pull down gates to gain entrance to whatever structure the zerg is currently focused on. This is an advanced ability which almost certainly means that it will have to be unlocked. As of writing this, pre-embargo we don’t yet have that information.
The final ability is Evade. Get a quick burst of speed and evade attacks allowing you to break through enemy lines. This will be especially useful in Castle sieges where getting a team through the hall quickly to attack from behind will add a very interesting new element to the event.
The Warclaw is will be available on February 26th for anyone who owns Path of Fire. While we may have to wait a week before we can play with it we can see it now in this fantastic trailer.

As someone who is a long time fan of WvW, I’m especially intrigued to see what kind of impact Warclaw will have on WvW. Though I suspect that having the mount will become a requirement for taking part in the game. This has the potential to leave some people behind who haven’t bought Path of Fire and have no plans to do so. Expect WvW queues to come back for the next few days as everyone wants to give the new mount a try.
If you’re interested in The Warclaw it can only be obtained in WvW but, it can be summoned anywhere other mounts can be summoned. That means you will be able to use it in the open world. However, the Chain Pull ability is something that has very limited use in the main PvE part of the world. So, while it will be fun for getting around with it may not have much utility. Still, how many Charr are we going to see running around riding on Warkitties? The answer is a lot…including me.

Will be interesting to see the requirement for it, how horrible it is.


  • Palador.2170Palador.2170 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I fully intend to put up with WvW enough to unlock it. And I know one player that will do whatever it takes to get their own BattleCat.

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    I'm just hoping it doesn't cost too many skirmish tickets so I can combine getting the warclaw with getting skirmish tickets for the 2nd tier Hero's armour. Finally completed the reward track then remembered it was the upgraded version I wanted.

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    The 'least' popular gamemode. I wonder why that is.

  • DanAlcedo.3281DanAlcedo.3281 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Dami.5046 said:
    The 'least' popular gamemode. I wonder why that is.


  • I hope we get a skin without armour. I like my beasts in all their natural glory.

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    @Dragon Priestess.9760 said:
    I hope we get a skin without armour. I like my beasts in all their natural glory.

    Dooh give it a few weeks there will be a whole new pack of skins to choose from :)

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    i personally think that, if they want to keep WvW balanced, they should be extremely easy to in, you enter and there you go.

  • I need more coffee. I read this thread title as "Mammogram interview about the Warclaw" and was all WUT?????

    Back on topic, I'm interested to read more solid info about the Warclaw, and I don't even play WvW.

  • @sorudo.9054 said:
    i personally think that, if they want to keep WvW balanced, they should be extremely easy to in, you enter and there you go.

    That's not how ANet rolls, and also probably not an ideal design choice. It will most likely work like the Beetle, a series of collections, but in WvW, so go raid this keep, or whatever happens in WvW.

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