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NA||PvX||Tarnished Coast|| Order Of The Eleven(XI) is recruiting dedicated players 18+

I have always looked for a guild that could make me feel at home, welcomed and wanted however sometimes that is hard to find, so I have decided to make my own Guild.
Order Of The Eleven, as stated above is a new guild and is only level 1. Therefore I am seeking members who are dedicated to creating a guild with me, not just a guild, a family, a sanctuary and a safe haven for all who join us. I have been playing the game for 5+ years and I have done everything from Raids to Fractals and Dungeons. This will not be an elitist guild, as I do not endorse that kind of behavior and stigma. We will mainly focus on PvX and I am happy to answer any questions and train anyone in PvE and PvP :) My time zone is PST however I am on almost everyday. Please do not hesitate to message me and I welcome any questions. This will be a small to medium sized guild as I do prefer a quality, tight knit community with a strong bond, rather than PuGs and strangers. :) I thought I made this guild mostly for me, but honestly, It is for others of the same mind. Message me or mail me in game if you are interested :) Message/Mail: DeusVolt.4307

I would appreciate it if you answer this small questionnaire :)
What are you looking for in a guild and what do you think we can provide you?

What is your idea of a guild?

What is your Time Zone and how often do you play?

Do you prefer PvE or PvP?

What do you think is the most important quality in a guild?

How would you describe your personality?

That is all, thank you!


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