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Is there a way in the api to check against the itemstats returned to see what stats are pve only or pvp only? I feel like there should be flags on them that specify. Currently I'm only requesting stats I know are in PVE, but I'd like a process that works when new stat sets are added or Pvp stats are brought to Pve etc.


  • It looks like PvP-only stats don't appear there. For example, I can't find the Demolisher stats there. I imagine that's because /v2/itemstats is meant to complement the info found on /v2/items and only refers to attributes combinations mentioned there, and PvP amulets aren't actual items.

    I imagine that if a new stat is added in PvE, it will correspond to a new item in that list? Also, it's likely to be announced by Anet, as Diviner's was two months ago.

  • Oh you're right. It does have stats like Captains and Forsaken that I saw. I thought were PvP but are rare PvE cases