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[Gw2] Now is not the time...

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Scam Shilljestay back at it again, this time cracking down on "less than ideal" behavior thats been happening over the recent events.


  • Iozeph.5617Iozeph.5617 Member ✭✭✭

    No, the community here isn't at it's best, and my heart goes out to those made redundant. But I don't need a condescending lecture from a streamer about things being tough all over.

    The rest of us out here don't get this consideration if we lose our jobs, more so if we're among the 'lucky ones' who dodged the bullet at a company and held onto ours during a round of layoffs. We don't get days off. And if we buck that trend and take personal days in the aftermath of such chances are better than average we'll be in the crosshairs next.

    There has to be some sort of safety valve for the community, because this all trickles down. Take into account that for many who are leading lives in terrible jobs they don't want, whatever the reasons why, that guild wars 2 and similar games are their safety valves. Finding out that the future of that release is in jeopardy isn't necessarily going to bring out the best in people either.

    Not condoning it, but that's the situation.