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Another "Can't stick with a profession" thread and a couple of other questions

Good day everyone!

I'm one of those people who every year for a couple times gives GW2 another chance, since it seems that it does a lot of things right, yet I always quit, because of 2 reasons:
1. I can't find a class I enjoy to the point of not constantly wondering whether I should reroll.
2. I find open world core Tyria extremely boring, so releveling a new char hits the nail on the coffin and I quit for another 6 months.

**First off a few requests: GW2 community is very deffensive of the game, which sometimes goes out of hand when a person writes on the forum about something he dislikes and seeks help in overcoming, but in response gets criticized for his position. I didn't come here to be downspoken, but rather to get a perspective from people who are doing great in the game, which might help me with the issues I'm having. **

That being said, I'm much more of a PvP oriented player (not excluding PvE completely, but generally playing vs. the AI is not motivating enough for me), so in terms of my expectations of the game I'd say it's mostly going to do WvW.
sPvP is okay, but there's no gear progression whatsoever, which makes it get dull quickly, since there's no real incentive in doing sPvP. Just for.. fun.. I guess? Meh. (Please, don't start with how that what real PvP should look like, "go play a MOBA", etc., etc., I refer you to my comment above, I'm here basing my preferences as a player, while looking for some advices BASED on my preferences, thanks).

WvW is based on progression in terms of skill/spec unlocking, gear progression, etc., and is much closer to an open-world PvP exprience, which is why I think this mode is for me. I'm more interested in roaming and small group vs. group skirmishes as my laptop isn't holding up too well in zerg vs. zerg encouters.

That being said, as I mentioned above - I find the open world pve experience (i.e. leveling) immensely boring - core Tyria is way too easy and there's no incentive to group with other players (don't know about HoT and PoF so please comment on this), I find the personal story bad, not to mention it's a single-player experience (not why I'm playing an MMO), and finally not having found a class to stick with makes me quit every time since redoing the leveling again puts me off. This reason here is why I've never gotten properly prepared for WvW. :(

About the classes:
In terms of theme and feel I find the Revenant, Guardian, Ranger, Elementalist, maybe Mesmer (don't think I can handle purple for eternity) to be more appealing to me than Necro (don't like death), Thief (seems too rogue for me), Engi (I like fantasy), Warrior (seems like plain bash/smash/crash). Please note - I haven't played with any of the elite specs (only Herald in sPvP), I've just read about them, so please comment!


  • not glued to a specific color/theme
  • nice weapon choices and skills
  • double utility gives more complexity
  • bound utilities feels like there's less possibilities for different and diverse builds
  • Power Shiro in sPvP started feeling kinda straighforward quickly, whilst having specific weak points, which I can't do almost anything about (I'm probably just bad though)
    *How are you finding your Revenant, as from what I've read it's a very hit-or-miss class? Most of things I like, it's just the idea of being stuck in Power Shiro exclusively if I want to be perfoming well is what's driving me away? How is he in terms of condition damage?


  • Paladin theme
  • from what I've read has a lot of different builds
  • has support capabilities
  • I don't like the weapons, at least hammer and GS feel plain and boring (which weapons do you like/would recommend?)
  • feels like it lacks complexity (shouts/virtues are just press around people -> done)
    *I sort of get the feeling that the Guardian is meant to be played in a group with his virtues and all, and is quite immobile in feel. Roaming seems counter-intuitive, yet at the same time a lot of people say the it is the most polished class. What's your opinion?


  • again: nice theme - I'd say naturey skirmisher with magical capabilities is probably my favorite
  • Soulbeast looks interesting
  • has supporting capabilities
  • again: LB and GS seem to be THE go-to weapons (especially for sPvP, WvW and open world PvE), yet to me they are stupidly plain
  • again: looks easy and depthless (hope I'm wrong, do tell)
    *I'm mostly looking into non-GS/LB gameplay and hoping that Soulbeast/Druid do take the classes to a higher level of complexity and depthness, than core ranger. Is it so?


  • dagger/dagger (I don't care for long-range skill spam)
  • 1 weapon set (here it's the fact that I find specifically D/D style very appealing)
  • has complexity
  • spam-fest, piano gameplay (this might seem contradicting, but to me many buttons =/= complexity, just irritation. When I think of complexity it's more about interesting and rich mechanics, deep synergy with traints/gear, etc.)
    *How spammy is the Ele in actuallity? Does having so many more buttons make him stand out in terms of performance when played well, or is he simply putting out the same whilst requiring way more effort?

So, I'd love if you shared your experience in general with the above classes (or other classes if you're playing maining a different one): how are you finding them, why are you playing them, what do you enjoy, etc.?

Lastly, yet also very important: how do you make leveling more engaging, rewarding and fun?

If this post seems like a rant, it isn't (partially maybe :D). In all honesty I spent close to an hour typing it out, and now it feels like I've missed a few points, so yeah, I really don't want to argue, I just need a few pointers in terms of the classes during and post-leveling process, as I keep finding myself wondering whether another class will be better, and how to make the leveling process nicer according to my preferences.

Thank you all!

1. Which class is fun and complex enough? (please refer above, as I've put the question here way too broad)
2. How to make leveling more interesting, engaging and rewarding, so that I don't constantly get bored?


  • Tataienstein.7581Tataienstein.7581 Member ✭✭
    edited March 2, 2019

    In this game you play how and what’s make you happy. That’s it. Don’t overthink just enjoy.

    For PvP i heard that base stats (attack / defense) on equipment are important but not the stats itself. But i DONT KNOW to what point. You can’t go naked unless they changed that. But yeah.. not big difference.

    Maby you could mix PvP with WvW? Bit of pve and pvp fun experience and that would change your experience too. Gear matter alot there. Also I (personally) think spvp is worth it only because you actually want to improve in this. Psychological thing since you have a rating, and you get more reward.

    As for classes. I would highly suggest ranger (soulbeast) really good duelist, really good PvP. Work with lots of build and you could always change to be more support in PvE if you want down the road. One of tje best class all around and its fun. You sais that you enjoy the theme alot too.

    Don’t go guardian or revenant since it dosent fit your description. Not enough diversity with the weapon restriction. Could always try elementalist in PvP / training to see if the piano annoy you. For me, it does. Could never get into it but it looks really interesting

    Edit: TLDR don’t overthink things, stick with the one that appeals you the most and think is cool. You are not doing hogh end competitive mode WHO CARES if you play meta or bad builds. Just have fun and enjoy. I would even AIM for slow grind

  • DonArkanio.6419DonArkanio.6419 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Just like above. Don't overthink stuff too much because in the end it's always what theme you enjoy most and what playstyle makes you happy. Don't force yourself to play a class that looks cool but i painful to use.

    If you don't plan to craft Legendary Weapons, just make some of the core Tyria as some leveling to get to know your class. I would be careful here, because the feeling of empty or 23% left maps makes me crazy! 😃

    Ranger is one of the most Versatile classes that performd well in every game mode and its build varies there.
    As for Revenant - it looks cool, it feels cool but sPvP limits you to Shiro/Herald only and Raids lock you with Renegade. It's very limited on terms of weapon and playstyle choice, sadly.
    Guardian is Linda versatile and can be a great support in group content, a great solo and team damage dealer, also the theme od great.

    In the end, it's about fun, game's not a job so make the profession that you find most interesting to play.

  • Vengyre.2506Vengyre.2506 Member ✭✭
    edited March 2, 2019

    In awfully similar situation, but I've levelled all characters but Ranger to 80 due to boosts and scrolls. With all characters but 1 sitting at 80, I've yet to find a class to stick with the game.

    To me, d/d ele is the most fun spec in this game. You can even have some fun in core Tyria if you do champions solo. It is actually quite hard, yet doable and tons of fun. (basically this is why I've bought the expansions :) ). Sadly, I didn't have fun levelling anyone else in core game. Expansions are more difficult, and if you play a glass cannon build, can easily kill you.
    You can level by doing sPvP and earling level-up scrolls, by the way.

    Revenant is very fun in open world, but that's it. Playstyle of Power Renegade is very cool with stance-dancing, lifesteal and resource management. But... that's not a good build for PvP and I am not that good to do well with a bad build.

    For sPvP, I like Power Reaper - plays like a Warrior/Necro hybrid with melee and ranged options and insane survivability, was quite fun until I got bored of that mode due to similar reasons.

    Overall, I am in similar boat and thus barely play this game (but also I have very limited space on my SSD, yet this game is still installed there! I want to like it.). d/d ele is my favorite spec, while weaver despite having more complexity lacks the dynamic feel of d/d core ele. Although staff weaver is kinda fun in WvW, might want to try that.

  • Stand The Wall.6987Stand The Wall.6987 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 5, 2019

    one of the things that's great about this game is that you don't have to choose a main, you can main a couple or even all of them depending on how much time you have. I play most of the classes in pvp and I love switching my playstyle up whenever the mood takes me (which is every couple of matches lol). leveling up is easy and so is getting gear so I think this whole idea of "have only one main" is a bit silly. at the end of the day you need to just cowboy up and level up a toon to 80. you can do this in a couple of ways, I believe there is a post in players helping players on this topic.

    Te lazla otstara.

  • Kootz.4102Kootz.4102 Member ✭✭
    edited March 6, 2019

    I genuinely couldn't resonate more with your post...

    As someone who is a serial alt leveller across most games, I'm waiting avidly for more responses. Unfortunately, I can't contribute to them other than my one liner views on each class...

    1. Rev - Love the feel/theme of the class, the animations and the colours (minor, I know). Like you, a bit concerned I'll be stuck to 1 build.
    2. Guardian - Like the theme and feel, but (,and I know this shouldn't concern me,) I'm put off by the amount of people that play it; everyone seems to main one.
    3. Mesmer - Love the feel and the playstyle, hate the colours and the lack of damage.
    4. Ele - Not usually a 'pure mage' fan, however the element swapping appeals. Like you, concerned that the piano playstyle has no reward.
    5. Ranger - One of the two classes I disagree with you on; hunters have never appealed to me. They feel generic, quite like Warriors. The magic spin on them does retain some appeal, but I'm almost too trapped to my WoW Hunter stereotype.
    6. Warrior - Too generic 'big dude hit things' playstyle.
    7. Thief - Quite enjoy the rogue playstyle usually, but here it feels like they are not wanted/required in too many game modes to make it a go-to main.
    8. Engineer - The very mechanical feel, along with the tool kits, just doesn't appeal for some reason.
    9. Necro - Like the feel and the theme/colours actually, but like Guardian, they already seem in abundance (especially in Wvw)

    If you are on EU, feel free to add me; may help us both stick to the game a bit more as I'm also stuck in a play/quit cycle too!

  • Zeek.6743Zeek.6743 Member ✭✭

    Guardians are a brick wall in wvw built full support tank front line zerging and its funny to run 5 together for the lols. Or even 4 with a chrono.

    If you want to have a fun build on ele try weaver sword. When you get rly good your dueling will be exciting

    I play necro mostly since forever on every game i play rly. Reaper is my favorite but scourge is my choice for zerging as i just like seeing everyone suffer