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Hi all,
Me and a mate from the UK have decided it would be cool to start our own guild and go through all the guild stuff from scratch as whenever I join a guild its all been done and there is nothing at all left to do. In fact although we are both max level we are both quite nubs and would ne nice to start raiding, fractals, etc plus whatever content from the beginning:) So anyone who wants to join us on this journey and be in from the "off" so to speak you are welcome.

I am an experienced mmo'er and for me these games are all about playing with people you know and if you share similar goals and outlook and get on, well, brilliant ^^.
I don't know about anyone reading this but in my experience it is harder than you would think to get in a right guild. Yeah for sure in the posts it all sounds great but all too often you join only to be faced with a "clicky" elitist attitude or a guild so entrenched in their ways (and they not your ways) that it is bloody hard to fit in.
So my idea, as I already said is to start afresh and hopefully build a team for long term playing.
We are both over 50.. yes, :) But as the saying goes "you don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing" ! So don't be too fooled by the age thing having fun is still the aim :)

One thing to note. We have had some people join from Na servers which is absolutely fine but to participate with us ingame you will have to join an Eu server.
Performance wise this seems to have had little to no effect for the players who have done this .

If it is not your first move there is a charge for moving servers.

If I am not online my co guild starter is Angle.8763 and you can contact him for in game invite



  • Hey, Id be in for this. Im also over 50 so it'll be an old fart's guild LOL. XD Also, I just started, well couple weeks, and 3 alts already. Im a notorious alt-o-holic.

  • Nice one mate I will send you an invite :)

  • Hllow
    I'm 40+ restarting gw2 after 4 years. TimeZone GMT+6. It would be fun to hang around with old gamers. Please let me now if I can join.

  • Hi there, ofc np that's what we are gonna be about. Will send you an invite :)

  • Looking for a guild myself would like to join Lv 80 Thief getting back into the game , casual player though if that works for you all . Mature gamer as well :)


  • hi i am also looking for a guild to join.im mainly do my own thing in pve but just want a guild that chats and let me just "be there" and help out/join in event whenever.i been playing for a few years and still not great at it and play causually.im 34 and in the uk

  • Hi Gogadan your very welcome to join us lm out tonight I'll send you an invite tomorrow.

  • Thank you. I shall login this eve but wont be on for long as i have driving lession and housework to do.

  • invited , check mail :)

  • Is this an EU guild or NA?

  • It is in the EU

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    Hey, I am 57 y.o - a very casual player these days.
    I used to play GW1 with my nephew and son when GW was all brand new - left it for WOW (i know - shame on me!). I was in a WoW PvE guild who ran raids and dungeons together, was an officer for a while, and also Guild Leader a cpl. of years. But then our memberbase dwindled down and at the most, only 3-4 players were online at any given time. My husband lost interest in playing MMO's, so that topped it off for me - I started looking at other MMO's to play.
    I just (like, yesterday :p ) bought and DL'ed GW2. My character is a ranger lvl 10 and I will do my "personal story thing" next. I feel totally noob so far, GW2 is different from GW1 - or maybe I just forgot how it was? But I really enjoy the scenery and game :D Sometimes I recognize parts in the gamemusic from GW1 and that makes me feel like the game itself welcomes me back - haha.
    Oh, I am from Norway so there's that 1 hour time difference between us, but that should not matter much I hope!

  • Hi Inwee,, yeah that sounds good.. At the moment we are just starting so everyone is new to me but so far we seem a nice bunch and it will take time to build playerbase up but yes I will send you an invite :)

  • Thanks! I was not playing last night but as soon as I log in I will accept the invitation!
    A bit more info about me - I live in 2 different places, having 2 different computers. Moving back and forth between those places (150 km a part) due to my husband is having chemo therapy. That leaves me a bit un-regular, but I will defenitely join your guild!

  • Your welcome :)

  • Invite sent

  • Hi LuciusEsox, you got any room for a not quite so mature (28) guy who is far more interested in a guild like yours. I have slightly odd activity times, random weeks days and late nights because of my job (chef), and it would be nice to be part of a mature social guild. I have one level 80 toon at the moment currently focusing on mostly fractal and gearing myself with ascended armour (mid T2 fractals at the moment).

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    Hi i like to join your guild but got a small issue if you dont mind im all rdy in a guild and i know my guild m8s from 2007/2008 back in gw1 we moved together to gw2 but most ppl lost interest in pve mode so we do wvw 3 days per week Sun Mon and Wed i would hate to leave my friends and i will never do but i connect on daily basis around 8 to 11 pm gmt i do solo pve stuff like metas, farming and more.... and i would love to help out .
    Im from/live in Tunisia north Africa 43Yo married with kids so i mainly play at night and im a vet player but not with elitist attitude hhhhhhh.
    any way if it interest you to represent your guild when im not doing the WvW stuff(rep my guild) i would love to join and contribute and help with the knowledge i have and i would like to make new friends from the game i love and run pve as a guild group as what realy interesting the maturity of the ppl lay down group no elitist and friendly atmosphere .

  • Read them both guys and yeah I will send you invites when I log in tomorrow.. :)

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    Heyo! Would love to join your guild. 30 year old teacher here looking for some people to do stuff with in GW2. Currently leveling an elementalist the hard way but I have boosted an engineer. I have lots of MMO experience but not from GW2. Mostly WoW and EvE Online. Based in GMT+1.

    Hopefully I can join your guild :)

  • Hi I would love to give your guild a go . Started playing a couple of weeks ago and am loving it . I am 45 been playing mmos for years and plan to stick with GW2 for the forseable future . All I need now is to find a guild and yours sounds a ideal fit for me. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Keeping with the theme, I am 40+ returning to GW2 after a few years off, and looking for a casual friendly guild to do dailies, dungeons, fractals and other content. I am EST based, would be very interested in joining, but if now I think I need to find a similar Over the Hill or Old Farts guild :-)

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    @ChileHead.8607 said:
    Keeping with the theme, I am 40+ returning to GW2 after a few years off, and looking for a casual friendly guild to do dailies, dungeons, fractals and other content. I am EST based, would be very interested in joining, but if not, I think I need to find a similar Over the Hill or Old Farts guild US based :-)

    Or if other looking for a similar guild in US / ET whisper me, but still interested in joining this if possible

  • Hi everyone was doing stuff so didn't get time to respond straight away.

    Btw have added some new stuff to the original post about needing to be on an Eu server which is important to read if your thinking of joining.

    Invites sent :)

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    Hi everyone, My daughter got me involved with WOW, and I spent a few years playing that game. I just started playing GuildWars2 a month ago, and currently achieved level 80. I looking for an active Guild to join, and I happened to see the post. I am 63 years old, and this is my daily escape from the office. I live in Chicago, IL and love to play as a team whenever possible, especially in PVP or Dungeons. Looking forward to joining if your group if you have some who are EST US Based.

  • Hi there Jared, We have a couple of people in the same time zone as you. I think you are 6 hours behind us and they tend to come on in their afternoon and play with us in our evening so to speak. You are welcome to join and I will send you an invite so you can see for yourself if it works for you. You know that to play with us you have to be based on an EU server, we are on Vabbi btw. I think the first server move is free then there is a charge after that. Performance wise I see no difference tbh although the average ping is a little higher.

  • Hey, Im only 25 but i need a mature minded clan to hang out with and learn the game with anyways. Im on Far Shiverpeaks (EU) so drop me an invite! :D

  • Invites ent

  • hi iam a portuguese player iam 34 iam returning to the game since the base game actualy looking to join your guild off good ppl to game and chill thanks

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    Hi guys if you are mature and looking for a place to start with easy going and fun guild m8s this is the right place for you.

  • hi guys iam still waiting for the invite thanks

  • Sorry Neobest, sometimes it is easy to forget, after all we are a bit old :)

    Invite on the way

  • :-) Ok . resent

  • 40+ of age here, just downloading the game, can I come and join you guys too?

  • Ok Ashinger,, come and see what we about.. Invite on the way :)

  • Invite sent Bud

  • Can I join your guild please. just back to playing after 5 years. I'm a little behind but play everyday. Am also over 50

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    @polgara.6248 said:
    Can I join your guild please. just back to playing after 5 years. I'm a little behind but play everyday. Am also over 50

    Curious; is your name from belgarath the sorcerer book(s) ?

    Lost last glimmer of enthusiasm for WvW

    Anet dragon has finally defeated the
    **WvW WarBorn **
    He's over 7000!
    Havok lover with a sprinkle of Zerging

  • Invite sent Polgara

  • Straw hat were you enquiring about an invite ?

  • Ok invite sent

  • Still looking for more players who consider themselves "maure " ^^

  • mature even :)

  • trev.1045trev.1045 Member ✭✭✭

    Oldie here, but a newbie (46 years young) would love to apply


  • trev.1045trev.1045 Member ✭✭✭

    Oh and. im. also from the Uk.. im afraid i am. a. brummie :)

  • Invite sent trev :)

  • Still looking for more mature players as per first post >)

  • Interested.

  • I would be interested in joining. I'm a casual player which is still doing various storylines on my chars. I have never done any of the Frac's or Dungeons so would be up for that, maybe WvW if there's a few of us. I'm 55 and have been gaming all my life. I play D&D 5 table top with friends bi weekly and a few other things. Happy to use TS etc.

    UK Based on the Fissure of Woe server. So have never moved and happy to do so if it makes it better.

  • Hi there guys from reading these posts i would really love to join :) I'm a 50 y o lass from Yorkshire and have played various games in my time. I've been looking for a guild for ages as my original guild friends from GW1 all left. I would love to do some group content and generally like exploring and helping out. I'm on Eu Far shiverpeaks and happy to use voice chat as well