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Feedback for Support Chrono (Raids): Mimic, Tides of Times.

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Hello Sup Chronos, hello ANet - I'd like to give a short feedback about the patch:

Overall the patch was fine and I can understand the changes that have been made, however there are a few small thing's I'd like you ANet to change to make Chrono work better / smoother:

  • Mimic's cd has been reduced from 40s to 30s, however this doesn't help at all as SoI's cd is now 20s instead of 30s. So we're just stuck on Mimic off cd for 10s since we can't delay SoI in the first place - besides the cast time of SoI and the 1s cd the mimiced SoI has both delay the rift cd further, as we now try to squeeze in 5 SoI's in 105s. They have a 20s cd, however the cd starts after the cast, so the unfun here is we have to just spam it on cd. I'd suggest to decrease the cd of SoI from 20s to 18s to give us more space with Mimic (wells would also like a 24s cd instead of 25s) but more importantly, change Mimic to no longer have a flat cd but rather have a % cd of the skill that has been mimiced. For example if you Mimic SoI with 20s cd, Mimic will have 40s cd (200%), if you mimic Well of Recall it has 50s cd. This automatically makes Mimic fit in the rotation and prevents it from being unusable like it currently is. But to be completely honest - I personally don't see why Mimic itself has a cd to begin with. Isn't it the point to have the same ability again? By having it with an increased cd, you often can't really get any benefits out of it. But that's a balance question for you to decide on. Point is: Mimic atm doesn't work for sup Chrono.
  • Tides of Times has been changed to grant Quickness isntead of Alacrity on the way out. I assume this was because ppl have had an issue with getting Quickness to extend with SoI without the help of Time Warp? The problem we have now tho is the very same but with Alacrity. Also - our balance between Quickness and Alacrity is off if we're using a Time Warp. We have no way of getting more Alacrity (since Mimic is out of question). Pre patch, you could get Quickness with TW and alacrity with ToT. Right now we can get Quickness with TW and ToT but have no chance on extending Alarity with the first SoI in CS. It is also a huge issue to keep up Alacrity on Twin Largos as we just can't produce enough without absurd investments in bd which are not even worth the dps loss (nearly maxed out bd). I suggest to readd the Alacrity on outgoing Tides, wether it be without the Quickness or not. We need to have a way to generate more Alacrity than Quickness just as we do have it the other way around with Time Warp. Another option would be something like the old "All's well that end's well" trait.
  • And the last point I'd like to quickly mention is that we still have a problem with overstacking Quickness stacks, now more than ever. Tides of Times from both Chronos and Well of Action make Time Warp potentially "useless" (very limited). This issue has been around for a long time so I beg you to finally consider increasing the Quickness cap from 5 to 9.

Besides that, I enjoy sup Chrono the very same way as before. Altho I have to say the condi variant of the support Chrono is facing extinction. Maybe a Diviner's like condi gear / Chaos traitline buff could help. :)

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    I also don't see why Mimic needs such an increased cooldown. Are the really utility skills that are so powerful when stacked? Not that I can think of in PvP at least.

    // Yanim

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    I completely agree. Mimic is never worth it like this. The abilities you desire have a short cd and mimicing them puts them on a huge cd making the slot wasted. :( No cd on mimic and 100% of the mimiced skill's cd is enough.

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  • lare.5129lare.5129 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Mimic? We have strong signal remove it old time ago from skill bar than it was non reseted in continium split. So may come time to remove that skill from skill bar in most setups.

    I assume this was because ppl have had an issue with getting Quickness to extend with SoI without the help of Time Warp?

    no, I think if ppl had a problem with getting Quickness to extend with SoI some of guard change his elite skill. Aslo same wiht alac, for that we have rene, and all I need just to extend with SoI !