Since the latest patch, SEA Ping has double to quadrupled, not just WvW but also PvE maps. — Guild Wars 2 Forums

Since the latest patch, SEA Ping has double to quadrupled, not just WvW but also PvE maps.

Hi Anet,

SEA ping is usually around 200-280 for the past month or so, which is normal. For the past 8 hours its at 400 to 1000.
Something about the latest patch, (the small patch after Tuesday's large patch) might have triggered it. Tuesday patch did not have this issue, just the latest.
Hope you can look into it.

Thank you.


  • Cirian.8917Cirian.8917 Member ✭✭

    Same here in EU. I've been trying to WvW the first two days after the patch, ping is usually ~250, but when the zergs meet I've seen my ping go to 4,000+. I've had one large fight with a good ping, every other time it's gone to hell. One particular fight just outside my home borderland Citadel, I didn't manage to activate a single skill in over a few minutes. Eventually my character spontaneously exploded because at some point I guess I got attacked, but who knows where or when that was happening on the server side, because I'd left my character at a portal back into my Citadel (which wasn't teleporting me inside, and the waypoint wasn't working either). Completely unplayable. It's a real shame at the moment. Ping is fine when there's nothing going on! :tongue:

  • Unknown.3976Unknown.3976 Member ✭✭✭

    SEA player here, I can't even patch the game..

  • Eramonster.2718Eramonster.2718 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 8, 2019

    Same. Been like 2, close to 3weeks now with this ping issue. Not alone on this, friends and guildies in SEA facing the same problem :astonished:.

  • kitten i quit because of the ping and no new content. Nothing new got even worst kitten

  • Belishine.7493Belishine.7493 Member ✭✭✭

    im in the US and the ping in wvw is redickalss they need to fix this a sap. Knowing anet though this will stay for like 6+ months and then wonder why players are quiting thare game.

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