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[NA] Mucklucks [Luck] New Casual Guild!

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Hello everyone! We are a newer guild with lots of friendly and helpful people. We are online daily and are interested in finding more friends to play with us. We have a Discord if you are interested.
Currently, we are preparing to obtain a guild hall and we would be more than happy to have more people help us.
I am TNRSparkster.9354 or my main's in-game name is Dredr. Feel free to add me and whisper me at any time or even send mail. Thanks!
https://discord.gg/eYj4H4q - Feel free to join us any time!


  • Rysdude.3824Rysdude.3824 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Whats a muckluck?

  • We are steadily growing and have begun our journey to obtain a guild hall. We have chosen Windswept Haven and are planning to attempt it in about 3 hours. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate. Just know that Path of Fire is required and you must be level 80. Otherwise, you are welcome to join us!

  • Big update! We have earned our guild hall!

  • As time went on, we have been upgrading our guild hall very quickly. We have our tavern, mine, and are about to build our workshop. We now provide Karma and Experience boosts to all members (must own HoT). We also have been doing the guild missions. We have one left this week and it is the Bear Lope Hard Race. We have complete it in 11 minutes. If you'd like to join us for the challenge, message me through the game (Dredr) or you can join our Discord! Thanks!

  • We are quickly expanding and upgrading our guild! We just welcomed the edition of our workshop and the scribe profession. Again, everyone is welcome to join!

  • Currently, we want to attempt the Proxemics Lab Guild Puzzle tonight. All are welcome to join. On top of all of that, we have been expanding as fast as the mine will let us. We currently have our Scribe profession available and the market.

    Would you like to be a Scribe in our guild? If so, there's a spot open for you.

  • Just a quick update. We are upgrading quickly again. We have an ore synthesizer, leather, as well as a brand new war room! It looks like our next upgrade will be our Aetherium capacity! Come on in and join us for the fun!

  • Hey! Sounds like a lot of fun. Would love to join up. Just came back to the game after years of being away. I’m based in AU but would be down to join up.

  • @lasersgo.2941 said:
    Hey! Sounds like a lot of fun. Would love to join up. Just came back to the game after years of being away. I’m based in AU but would be down to join up.

    You are more than welcome to join us. Just know that we are based in NA. What's your username/character name? I'll be more than happy to invite you. You can also just join our Discord and tell us your name.

  • Hi everyone!

    Just another quick update- Mucklucks [Luck] is still recruiting! We are a recently formed, but have been progressing quickly and gaining steady traction as a guild. We are currently focusing on more PvE and guild-related content, but we are also in the process of branching into WvW! More than anything however, we are looking for new members and fresh faces!

    If you're looking for a friendly group of players who will actually care about you- look no further! I'm Arissa, the recruiting officer for [Luck] and If you're interested in joining up with us feel free to join our discord and @Arissa for assistance! You can also message myself (evesmire.5386) in game, or send us some mail if you have any questions, or just want to chat before jumping in!

  • Hello everyone! Our guild is now LEVEL 15! With the coming of the Warclaw, we are slowly expanding into WvW as well as PvP but we still love our PvE. Come on down and join us as we are still leveling pretty quickly and our family is growing!

  • We are continuously upgrading our guild and are about to be level 16. We are still looking for more friendly players to join us

  • We currently have a schedule to do Guild Missions together and we get around 9 to 13 people show up consistently. We are planning to get into raids soon and I am looking for more dedicated players to join us in our active guild who would like to participate and hang out with us!

  • Last night was a success! We ran through many guild missions with 16 people! Come join us! Also, we are beginning work on the PvP Arena in our guild

  • We are now guild level 19. We are doing much more PvP now and having a blast doing it. Same for WvW even though the majority of players are either on Dragonbrand or Jade Quarry. Come on in and join the fun! Just remember to be active and participate in guild chat!

  • If you're interested, we are doing much more guild PvP. We won every single one of our games last night. You are all welcome to join us!

    Also, if you have knowledge of raids, feel free to join us as we need some knowledgeable members in that field to help guide us.

  • Happy Friday! We are guild level 20 and are going to be doing Guild Missions tonight! It's quite a lot of fun when everyone just gets together and synergizes. Keep in mind that we're a casual guild and we just like to relax and have a good time. Hopefully you'd like to join us!

  • Great news! We are now guild level 21 and we have ourselves a PvP arena! Next goal is our War Room. We are still looking for more to join us in our ever growing guild. We have 46 members and counting!

  • Good morning and Happy Sunday! There is chatter about scheduling fractals night. So far we have a guild missions night. Later on, we will get into raiding.

  • We are always looking for more active players! The guild is now level 23 and we are having tons of fun participating in the Super Adventure Box Festival! We have also established Fractals night as well as a PvP night!

  • Our new schedules are Mondays and Fridays for Guild Missions, Wednesdays for Fractal Nights, and Sundays for PvP nights!

  • Happy Saturday! Down for some early morning Super Adventure Box?

  • Hello everyone! We are looking for more to join our growing family! We are 49 members strong! Come on down and join our fun Discord and event nights!