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sPVP Power Mes Build Suggestions?


This is what I am currently running in sPVP. It works okay but I feel like I'm lacking something. I am 1 win from gold and will be trying for it tonight XD
My rotation for burst combo is
queue up 4 and 2
cast f5 during windup for 4
cast 7->8 as phantasmal berserker goes in
cast 3 (and hope i did it fast enough to be on cd for f5 to pop)
or i lead with 7/8 if they are casting an interruptable skill
0 is for when they group nicely and i can burst 2 or 3 at once or to peel them off of point


  • Hoodie.1045Hoodie.1045 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    My suggestion on how to play shatter mesmer goes like this:

    1. Keep Mantra of Distraction charged up.
    2. Before you enter a fight, start charging up Mantra of Pain.
    3. Cast Phantasmal Berserker (greatsword 4).
    4. Cast Mirror Blade (greatsword 2).
    5. Just before you throw out your Mirror Blade, use Blink and get as close as possible to your target.
    6. Cast Mantra of Distraction.
    7. Cast Mantra of Pain twice and use Power Spike (F1) at the same time.
    8. Cast Mind Stab (greatsword 3) while using Mantra of Pain and Power Spike to finish the burst.

    It's a good idea to have your 12 stacks of might from Mantra of Pain before you burst someone. I would also advise you to practice the burst combo with the mantras until you execute it flawlessly.


  • Lincolnbeard.1735Lincolnbeard.1735 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Trade sword for scepter and use it while it lasts.

    The degenerate

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    This is probably my all time favorite mesmer build. Not sure if the strongest shatter build but I love the super active playstyle. I have not been playing much but im in plat 2 with it now. Its a shatterrupt build so getting an interrupt before burst is the key. That makes it a bit hard to play and get the most out of it.
    The survivability is allso kitten good. I very rarely die. Maybe once every 2 games. The heal can be canceled for on demand reflects. Decoy for ez repositioning and sneakyness.
    Still oneshot damage within the immob duration. The chaotic interruption is kitten strong. It helps your team to land damage too and good players can evade mesmer bursts way too easy without something to prevent dodging. It allso surprises people when they see that they cant dodge after useing just a stunbrake because of the immob.
    Quikness on shatter makes sword auto attack crazy strong too and makes it easyer to fit more stuff in continuum split. It allso helps to finish ppl down with GS auto attack if they escape with a sliver of health.

    Edit: eagle rune might be better actually.

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