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Minor but hilarious character animation bug

I've encountered a very weird but hilarious animation bug. No idea if it's known to Anet or not so thought about posting this. Your character quite literally 'breaks' under certain circumtances and it's quite easy to do it.

As seen in the video below/in the link (yes i know, no editting, just want to show the bug ;) )


So, this bug has to do with two things. Number one is water. Number two is weapon skills.** Seems like it can quite easily happen if you use an underwater skill that moves you around and your character gets out of the water directly to dry land mid-animation**. The video here is in Sun's Refuge but I've been able to reproduce this bug in multiple locations like LA, also took some friends and they were able to do it too. (Does not work in 100% of the cases but very often)

We were able to achieve this multiple times on Necros (Wicked Spiral skill n'2 on the Spear). Don't know if it happens on other classes/with other underwater skills. Also using skills/dodging while in this 'state' does not break it.

Posting it here so Anet knows and also just because we've all found this little bug quite amusing. It's nothing game breaking by any means, just a little animation bug.