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Warclaw killed WvW for me



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    @KingPuki.1075 said:
    I really love WvW but we have seen so many changes noone that plays WvW asked for. First the removal of the giant lake and underwater combat (bloodlust) Then we got shield gens, were again noone asked for. Then we got the infamous gliding in wvw, and now as a cherry on the cake we got the kitten mounts. Remember folks when Anet said we were gonna have a amazing anouncement, and everyone said: Please for the love of lyssa NO MOUNTS!!!!! And we got em anyways, and they're destroying our game mode, and our mechanics we fell in love with.

    I just don't enjoy the mount in WvW, i've tryed it yesterday and today, and it just doesn't feel right..

    Please bring back old school WvW!!

    Maybe wvw just isnt the game mode for you. I love the new mount.