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[NA] Small casual PvE guild Insane Outcasts [Wack] looking for fellow weirdos :3

Hello! :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Insane Outcasts [Wack] is hiring recruiting active players interested in a small, casual community guild. You can be a noob or a veteran player, as long as you love Guild Wars 2 and want to be a part of a guild, not just another number on the roster.

We are a small group and intend to stay small. Only a handful of us are active and engaged in the guild, and we’d like maybe 10-15 more like-minded peeps. We are okay with shy, quiet, awkward, and/or weird (‘cause we are too). Age range is around mid-20’s to late 30’s. We’re friendly and can also be a bit snarky and dark. :smiling_imp:

We use a Discord server to keep in touch and update the group. We usually only use voice for coordinated group activities - if you’re super shy or whatnot, you are not required to talk as long as you can listen. You do have to speak up when you need help, want to do something, or have a problem, though, because we won’t know otherwise. :o

We are mainly PvE, with the occasional dabble in PvP and WvW. We like doing stuff, having fun and helping each other. (If we’re not having fun, there is a problem. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: )

We toggle between solo and group play. There are regularly scheduled group activities throughout the week, and we do things on the fly. There are times when everyone just wants to do their own thing, we get that.

Where we are
-Level 17 Guild Hall
-Weekly guild missions
-Weekly Tier 3 or below fractal runs

Where we want to be
-Casual raid training group that works on a particular boss or leg weekly
-Small group that can do Tier 4 fractals

If interested, please feel free to respond here, send a message in game (Vivinica.6475), or in Discord (Vivinica #1500). Bonus points if you share which is your favourite transformation tonic. :D


  • Bumping with some more information about the guild.

    Most of us are in US and Canada, EST and PST. Mostly active in the evenings on weekdays, throughout the day on weekends. If you talk, we'll talk back. If you want to do something or need help, we'll be there. If we're doing something and it looks fun, join us. :P

    Right now scheduled fractal runs are Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 PM EST. Guild missions are Saturdays at 3 PM EST.

  • Bumping with some freshly baked cookies. :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :relaxed:

    We ran Tier 1 daily fractals last night with a guildie who hadn't done them before, and a path of Crucible of Eternity... 'cause there's something so satisfying about mindless mob killing. Right? :grin:

    We are very happy that we have new guildies who replied to our post!!! Please join our little fam if you're looking for a quirky group of people to hang and game with. :)

  • Bumping with some updates. :)

    We have a small raid training group started with 8 guildies and 2 spots open! We start this Saturday (2/9). If you think our guild might be a good fit for you and are interested in learning / doing raids in an easy going environment, feel free to contact me in game (Vivinica.6475), or in Discord (Vivinica #1500)!


  • crossing fingers I think, we might, we might, have a full raid training group now, wuhoo! That doesn't preclude having other guildies rotating in if someone isn't available one night.

    We've also shifted our fractal dailies to Monday through Thursday (US calendar), 5:30 PM EST. We're helping guildies new to fractals learn and level up.

    If you're looking for a welcoming, friendly, wacky GW2 family, feel free to message me in game (Vivinica.6475), or in Discord (Vivinica #1500)! (By the way, Discord requires a friend request to be sent before messaging someone if not sharing a server. : 3)

  • Hellloooo, again! We had our first run in with death Vale Guardian this weekend, and we did the Aetherblade path of Twilight Arbor last night. We like a good challenge. >:) Oh, and our guild hall is now a whopping level 18!

    If you love this game, want to do things like fractals, dungeons, or raids, appreciate the quirky and awkward, come learn and grow with us! We aim to stay small, but we will never turn anyone away. Feel free to message or whisper me in game (Vivinica.6475) or in Discord (Vivinica #1500).

  • Hey, guys! Wack has open arms for the quiet, the off-beat, the anxious, the unhappy... :bleep_bloop: Come join our little fam and be awkward yet friendly with us. :)

    The guild hall has graduated to level 20! (And for the love of god, would Anet just make silverwastes shovels buyable already? :confounded:) We run fractals several times a week, and guildies who were new to fractals have progressed to T2s. \ o / Guild Missions are Saturday afternoon, followed by raid training. There are not requirements for repping the guild or how many days or how often you play the game. Just that you like the game enough to actually want to ... you know, play it. :P And that you want to interact with fellow guildies... not all of the time, if you like solitude, but sometimes? :)

    If interested, feel free to message or whisper me in game (Vivinica.6475) or in Discord (Vivinica #1500).

  • Hey, guys. Vivi here.

    Bumping with some updates and a recap. To recap, we are:

    • Quiet, off-beat, quirky, weird, anxious, unhappy, hyper, low key, casual, happy hour fans
    • Small and happily so
    • Into all the things
    • Ranging from noobs to launch vets, ages from roughly 20s to rougher 30s, mostly US and Canada
    • A mix of group activities and solo play
    • Still leveling our level 22 guild hall (Lost Precipice)
    • Active mostly in the evenings (CST-EST)
    • Gate of Madness (GoM)

    Our weekly schedule has changed a bit: Monday - PvP; Tuesday - Guild Missions; Wednesday - Fractals; Thursday - WvW; Saturday & Sunday - raid training. We run a lot of stuff on the fly as well. Discord is used to communicate when we're both in and out of game. Voice is usually only used for coordinated events, like guild missions and raids (you are not required to talk if you don't want to).

    Being quiet and to yourself is fine as long as you actually want to play the game and be part of a small, friendly community. Our guildies are accepting, nice, and motivated people - if you're willing to talk or ask, we'll be there to respond and help.

    Right now we could really use 1-2 more players interested in learning raids. Sometimes we have open spots because of schedules and real life stoofs, and dealing with pugs is just... ugh. :s We are currently working on Keep Construct in Stronghold of the Faithful.

    If interested, feel free to message or whisper me in game (Vivinica.6475) or in Discord (Vivinica #1500). I am about as awkward as they come, so please don't be afraid to send me a message - I do a lot of stuff in game, so I won't know necessarily why someone friended me unless they talk to me. :bleep_bloop:

  • Vivinica.6475Vivinica.6475 Member ✭✭
    edited March 25, 2019

    Hello, potential new friendz. Bumping with some updates.

    Our Guild Hall (Lost Precipice) is level 25 now. Our weekly schedule has changed a little again, hopefully this will be the set arrangement: Monday and Tuesday - daily fractals; Wednesday - guild missions; Saturday - raid training. :bleep_bloop: There is usually a group that runs fractals every day - the tier varies depending on the party.

    We have successfully beaten Vale Guardian, Spirit Woods, and Siege the Stronghold. We are still in raid training and looking for a few more squad regulars - people who are interested in learning, want to be there, and are understanding when there are delays or things don't go well for whatever reason. Yeah, that's a big ol' disclaimer!

    Also keep in mind our name is Insane Outcasts. :p We welcome the quirky, the quiet, the downtrodden, the sad, and the mad. We are not only recruiting for raids - you can be any level of experience or progress in the game. If interested, feel free to message or whisper me in game (Vivinica.6475) or in Discord (Vivinica #1500).

  • Bumping with some updates. Our Lost Precipice Guild Hall is now level 27!! Oooh. The gathering nodes were just updated so they give more stuff!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: Ahhh.

    We welcome the quirky, quiet, awkward, depressed, and angry! We are mainly active in the evenings (US and Canada - EST and CST) and some of us into the wee hours. We are into all the things, primarily PvE. We run fractals regularly, anywhere from T1s-T3s, with some people ready to do T4s when we have enough for a full guild party. Guild Missions are Wednesday night at 7 PM EST. The guild is generally flexible and open to doing whatever if you're brave enough to suggest it or ask for help. :)

    We have about seven regulars for our raid training group and would love a few more people to round out our squad. It's meant to be a low pressure environment for learning end- end-game content. :)

    If you are interested in being part of a small (weird) community in Guild Wars 2, play the game somewhat regularly and like to, you know, do stuff, then send me a message or whisper me in game (Vivinica.6475) or in Discord (Vivinica #1500).

  • Greetings!
    This guild sounds like a great fit for me and I would love to get an invite. :)
    I am just returned to the game last week after being away for a long while and would love to find a guild of friendly, social folks that is smaller in size.

  • Wooo, that was the first time someone replied directly on the post! Thanks for joining, Rhalina. ~(˘▾˘~)

    We are:

    • Small and happily so (we have a deceivingly large roster, but a good majority of people have dropped off the game for various reasons). We want more "lifers." :3
    • Into all the things - mainly PvE
    • Both group activities and solo play oriented
    • A mix of noobs, returning players, and launch vets
    • Roughly 20s-30s
    • Active mainly evenings and nights (EST, CST, and PST time zones) - there are usually a few people on throughout the day, schedules vary

    Because of varying schedules, we're running fractals and other events as people are available. Raids are every Saturday and Sunday at 4:30 PM EST.

    We also have plenty of space in our Lost Precipice Guild Hall for you to pick out your own room. :3

    We don't really have any requirements as far as how often you play or when - just that you like the game enough to play it, and want to be part of a guild community.

    If you are interested in joining our quiet, off-beat, quirky, weird, anxious, unhappy, hyper, and low key band of guildies, send me a message or whisper me in game (Vivinica.6475) or in Discord (Vivinica #1500).

  • Hello I was wondering if you are still taking people and if so if i can join. I have had my account for 6 or so years but only played for a few months before having to get rid of my PC, but now i have a new one i am looking to get back into the game. And this guild seems like it would be a great group to do just that with.

  • Vivinica.6475Vivinica.6475 Member ✭✭

    I did reply to him in game, I swear. :#

    Bumping with some updates / refreshers. We're a NA guild, small, with the intention of remaining so, active mainly in the evenings (EST-PST), off-beat, quirky, weird, unhappy, hyper, and low key. We are pretty quiet, a lot of us are solo players, and it would be nice to have more voices in guild chat and more ideas for what is fun and interesting to do as a group. We have shifted away from raid training for now - honestly during that phase it felt like the majority of our energy was going into raiding rather than getting to know new recruits, and I would like everyone in the guild to feel like they know each other and are a little guild fam (or at least most of us). ( °-°)/

    Let's see what else... we have the Lost Precipice Guild Hall, and don't have any requirements other than you actually like the game, and want to be part of the guild.

    If interested, feel free to message or whisper me in game (Vivinica.6475) or in Discord (Vivinica #1500). I am about as awkward as they come, so please don't be afraid to send me a message - I do a lot of stuff in game, so I won't know necessarily why someone friended me unless they talk to me. :bleep_bloop:

  • Lala.3724Lala.3724 Member

    Hi. Still somewhat of a noob here.. I have no idea how to message you other than to respond in forums. I'm interested in joining your guild. I'm one of those shy weird sometimes unhappy noob players u mentioned. My ranger is 61 and I still dont understand a lot of the games terms. I come from WoW where you press like one button and you got thrown into a group into a dungeon like POOF! I haven't found a button for this anywhere in game so I just been using what knowledge I've learned from passerbys about doing events/story/killing yellow mobs to level quickly. I apparently played six years ago but I don't remember so I have all these xp scrolls, teleport to player thingies and other stuff that I don't understand what its used for. I'm in like 3 guilds and STILL don't understand how to do missions or if I can even do them by myself. Sometimes I feel like yinz are speaking another language to me and I'm just supposed to wing it. So that's what Ive been doin lately. Still tho, would like to try and come out of my shell someday, preferably in a non large guild to where my once in awhile chatter goes unnoticed. Although I guess I could always try CAPS! :p But anyway... yea.. that's where I'm at, and if yinz are cool with it, i'd like to join. Thank you.

  • Vivinica.6475Vivinica.6475 Member ✭✭

    Omg, that might be the cutest forum post ever. We got you, Lala. ;)

    I do wish there was a forum inbox for shy people who want to respond but not in the public forum.

    Btw, if anyone else is wondering how to do guild missions and they're not regularly scheduled in one of your guilds, you can always ask a guild officer if you can do some. Some are easy enough even if there are only 2-3 people available to do them.

    You can see current missions available to your guild under the guild missions tab of the guild panel (missions change every week on Monday).

    Ability to launch guild missions depends on your guild rank's permissions. All regular members of Wack (Lovable Weirdos :p ) and above can activate and do guild missions whenever they like. :)


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