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Help me punch you in WvW

Heyo Mesmer folks. Longer time player here finding quite a bit of trouble with fighting Mirages, mostly of the Condi variety, but a few power. I mostly play power Spellbreaker, power Deadeye, and the odd bit of Holo.

Let me preface this with the fact I played core Mesmer way the hell back in the base game to get a feel for it, and know how to manage myself against them at least. I keep hitting walls when dealing with Mirages because if the player behind the keyboard has any brain, I simply will not be able to land an adrenaline skill as Warrior, or a stealth attack as a thief. As much as it makes little sense to help someone fight against your class, I genuinely need it now. Any help or advice would be appreciated!'

(Also, Charr Mesmer is the best kind of mesmer)


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    Context: From a glassy hybrid mirage's POV. YMMV against other builds.

    Spellbreaker —
    You're in for a tough fight due to your relative lack of in-fight mobility and the need to be on top of me to do damage. I've fought a couple that have made me be real careful though, so there's a chance... GS w/ hydro sigil + X/Sh. Bulls Charge for addtl gap closing. Use the trait that transfers condis on FC. Gear for damage. IDK exactly what stats they were running, but I assume zerker/marauder. If you can land a bulls charge or shield bash on me, swap to GS to trigger hydro sigil and WW through me. Do what you can to land good damage anytime you can get on top of me.. I know that sounds like common sense, but you wouldn't believe the number of warriors I've fought that seem to not understand that. Edit: Be aggressive. The more time you give me for my CDs to recharge, the less likely you are to win.

    Without good burst damage and well-timed condi transfer FCs, Spellbreaker is going to really struggle to kill a good hybrid mirage.

    Power Deadeye —
    Stealth and backstab. Really effective vs glassy hybrids and power. Probably not so much against pure condi mirage since its likely running Dire/TB.

    Holo —
    Can put up a decent fight by facerolling keyboard. I actually struggle more vs a good condi scrapper now – Barrier OP.
    Assuming you're glassy:

    • Try combo'ing Corona Burst's burst with other high damage, e.g. Photon Blitz. Landing this is super important to putting me on my heels, but it can be difficult to land. If I were playing Holo (I haven't in quite a while.. so take this advice with a grain of salt), I'd probably try chaining elixir stealth to open up the combo during the fight.
    • If the mirage is at range, make use of your rifle AA. (Care if it's a power GS mirage though.) It can hurt enough that it forces me to come back in, where you can make better use of holo mode.
    • Try to fake out the mirage. e.g. use your rifle CC to knock me down and start casting your Prime Light Beam but cancel cast it. If I'm CC'd and see the PLB animation, I'm likely to burn my stun break. That gives you a better chance of CC'ing me again soon after and landing damage.

    YouTube | [WS] Mesmer Mag [Fort Aspenwood]

  • Ty Mago! You're definitely right on the lack of in fight mobility. That combined with the terrible luck I've had in my roaming has made fighting any tanky mirage a nightmare. I just get kited to no end, unless I run all gap closers and forgo proper defensive utilities.

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    Sb - be aggressive as long as you don't have confusion or have resistance.
    Cleave clones.
    Abuse FC, its easy to proc it with clones.
    Bait and count dodges.

    DE - trait the condi removal while on stealth.
    Use more melee, if you use rifle chances are you're going to get shots reflected at you.

    The degenerate

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