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[EU][Sat/Sun] A newb looking for a group for dungeon running story / explorable modes, no skipping

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I would like to find a group of people willing to do dungeon runs casually and at a slower pace comparing to how I usually see it happening (people rushing forward, skipping story/bosses/battles etc). Those who would like to enjoy the story a little bit, and don't see any reason in skipping any combat encounters (that's why we play the game, after all, right?). Ideally, those should be another newbies still finding such stuff interesting, but if some oldies would like to chill with us - you're welcome.

I'm ready to do it at weekends, at day and evening, EU time, for 4 hours at max. No requirements regarding your profession, or party composition, any kind of weirdness allowed, whatever is fun to play for you (I'm playing as undeveloped Weaver myself). It's possible somebody from my guild would like to join as well, but as it's quite young, we don't have many people online usually, even less willing to do something like that, thus so far you can count on me only.

I also don't mind to join your party, as long as you don't mind the "no skipping / slower pace / newb with weird build and no knowledge about mechanics whatsoever" part.


  • This is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm a new player and all groups I join seem to just want to speed run all the dungeons. Unfortunately, I'm on [NA]. Does anybody know of a solution?

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    Normally, I'd simply recommend to find a casual and relaxed guild who dont take the game too seriously, that'd be the best way to enjoy those runs without hassle, no matter the efficiency/result. I run such a guild, though that could fit for literally any similar guilds. Usually, avoid guilds who impose a Schedule as well, and you'll have your choice meat. A discord chat helps when members are offline onto other things, but could join at a later time.

    Alternatively, dungeons are my favorite content, so if you're just looking for an additional person to run with you, who doesn't skip and is patient, feel free to add me, I join beginner runs on the LFG very frequently, since those are in my opinion the most enjoyable runs