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Snow Crows Monthly Competition v2!

Hello friends,

Welcome to the second monthly competition! The rules and prize pool have changed for this month's competition so make sure to read them through carefully!

What's Viability?

This is a new monthly competition that will run every month. The aim of the game is to get the fastest boss kill for that month; but, obviously there's twist!

Each month a predefined squad will be drawn live on stream. They will then be posted on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit and on the Snow Crows Discord. The squads will be randomised from all specialisations each month, along with a random boss. How you decide to arrange your squad and the builds is entirely up to you, as long as the predefined specialisations are there!

Second Monthly Composition!

  • Dragonhunter
  • Thief
  • Thief
  • Revenant
  • Herald
  • Renegade
  • Mesmer
  • Chronomancer
  • Berserker
  • Berserker

The boss that was drawn for this month is Cairn. In addition, you will have to have the Challenge Mote enabled.

A couple of rules!

  1. You must use all the Specialisations listed. Conversely, if a core profession is listed in a slot, you can't use any Elite Specializations for that slot.
  2. You can't precast skills from other specialisations from your profession.
  3. You can't prestack with stacking sigils.
  4. You can't bug abuse, glitch or hack!
  5. No Hardcore guilds.

No Hardcore Guilds Rule

The reason for this choice is that I did not want to discourage groups from entering the competition. This competition is for everyone and this will give people a fair chance.

You will be limited to three hardcore players per squad. This was done to allow for everyone to take part, without being able to influence squads too much and to give everyone a fair chance.

So, what constitutes a hardcore player?

  1. Were you, or your guild, in the ERP tournament? This applies even if you weren't in the guild at the time or have since left.

  2. Have you been part of record runs? Or does your guild do them? This applies to all forms of record runs in end-game PvE content.

Send me a message on discord if you're not sure if any of these apply to you.

If you still fancy taking part in the competition as a full hardcore guild, nothing's stopping you! You won't be eligible for any rewards but it might still be fun.

How do we compete?

The competition begun on the 30th of March and will end on the 27th of April at 5pm CET. All you have to do is submit a log and, ideally, a video to me through the Snow Crows Discord! You'll be able to recognise me on discord as I've got the little crown next to my name.

You can submit logs and videos anytime after competition begins and before the deadline. If you beat your own time later, that's okay! You can resubmit anytime before the deadline.

Why do we want videos?

We will make compilation videos of all the attempts and post them on YouTube so you can see how other people played and what their ideas were! Of course, the winning post will also be there! The videos and compositions for each competition will be stored on the Snow Crows Discord's archived channels, so you can easily go back and see what's happened before, and relive the excitement!

Once all the submissions have been looked at and the deadline passed; Roca, Nike and myself will discuss the attempts from various groups and, of course, the winners will be announced!

The rewards!

The gems will be bought from an official retailer and sent to the winning team's leader. That team's leader will then have to distribute them to their squad however they like.

As previously stated, the winnings will be 50% of our monthly donations, which means that this value is subject to change each month. Each competition will use the previous month's donations. the prize pool will be declared at the beginning of each month.

This month we have 10,000 gems for the winning squad, 4,000 for second place and 2,000 for third place. A special thank you to Guild News for donating 2,000 gems as well! Also, a big thanks to two other donors who gave 4,000 gems each!

If we have more than eight squads participating then Arenanet will give a further 2,000 gems to the winners, 800 to second place and 400 to third place!

If you want to support the competitions with in-game donations, please contact me on discord @ Target#7629!