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[NA] LFG for WvW - Willing to X-fer Servers

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I'm looking for an active WvW guild on NA servers that likes to have fun, but get things done at the same time. I play mainly during US central timezone. I don't mind transferring servers. I would prefer a guild with Voice comms. I have been playing a mix of revenant and mesmer recently, but also have a thief and guardian. I'm 27 years old.


  • Greetings!
    I am a representative of [HERE] a NA guild on Gates of Madness server! We are a fight oriented guild dedicated to improving and growing as a team. We currently raid Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 7pm Central Standard Time. Sometimes we gather together for WvW reset but it is a smaller group and more casual. We're out [HERE] to have fun. Voice coms are required, so we can all communicate with each other (we use discord, which I can even help you set up if you need a hand <3). Revenant and guardian are both great for our group! But if you want to also try new things we have tons of builds and friendly people willing to lend you a hand with whatever you need. If you want some more info shoot me a whisper in game~

  • Would encourage you to also check out MAS - 6 years of WvW focus. 18+, solid friend community and structured team play. Raids start 7PM CST. We run 3 nights as a fight squad and pick-up havoc otherwise.

    Our site: mas4eva.enjin.com.

    Our post on these forums: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/68354/wvw-na-mas-guild-18-non-toxic-wvw-focused-fight-team-looking-for-new-and-returning-players#latest

    Join the fun!

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    Crystal Desert is always looking for new folks. We're a hard core fight server, aiming for only the absolute best. VR, the best guild in the game, will be transferring here right before relinks.

    [VII] Spectre Legacy - Declared Best NA Guild by Grimaldi
    Crystal Desert Consul Member and President of Scrubs; declared most toxic server NA by Z E Y
    [VII] wants fights! Please bring your pug rangers for UD progress.

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