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[NA][PvE/FARMING] Choya Kare Corporation is recruiting! Infusion Train | Raid Training | More! 490+

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Choya Kare Corporation [CKC] offers farming maps and other fun activities for everyone! We mainly prioritize farming though we also host fun events with lots of giveaways, participate in fractals/raids, and much more! 490+ Members!

What do we do?
[CKC] is a guild specifically for farming and PvE play, so it is perfect for those wanting to make some gold! We run farming maps in SW all the time and are always looking to add to the list! This guild is also great for casual players looking for a relaxed environment. We offer training for commanding and will be introducing CM Fractal training in the future. [CKC] does guild missions every Saturday, one hour after reset!

Special Events
Every season, [CKC] hosts events with lots of giveaways and goodies to give back! We hosted a Halloween event and our most recent one was Snow Dayz. These events are public and everyone is allowed to enjoy! Some of the prizes we gave away are down below:

-Choice of Wintersday returning item (800 gem limit)
-Choice of Wintersday Weapon skin
-Tooth of Frostfang
-Snow Diamond Infusion
-Bench of the Final Judge
-Ghostly Infusion

We are very active in our guild discord and we make most of our announcements there! (We even have special choya emotes!)

Weekly Schedule:
Day | Event | Time

Wednesday | Josh's Raid Training Club! | 8pm EST
Friday | Ally's Infusion Party Train | 8pm EST
Saturday | Guild Missions! | 8pm EST

-Rep is NOT REQUIRED but of course appreciated!
-Just be chill, it's not asking much!



If you would like an invite or have any questions, feel free to let me know!
Whispers always accepted or mail if I'm not online! :)

Our Mascot, Choko the Choya!

P.S ANET we thank you for adding a choya guild emblem we waited so long for this day to come!!!!!


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