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1080p vs 4k resolution Ram and Vram comparison

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Was talking to my big brother about upgrading my cheap laptops Ram from 4gb to 16gb ddr4 and realized that i forgot to test a comparison of Vram vs Ram usage between 4k resolution and 1080p resolution.

so here's a picture of both 4k screenshot and 1080p screenshot combined to show you what is the differences and FPS hit:

*Note this is on my r7 1700 with CF Vega 64s with cheap Ram.

But, this will give you a rough idea of how the RAM and vRam is effected.
3840x2160 = 1,859mb of vRam(GPU, Graphics card memory usage) and 8,940mb of Ram(System Memory)
1920x1080= 1,491mb of vRam(GPU) and 8,765mb of Ram(System Memory)

Note: System Memory usage usually hits max of 9000mb(i had Screenshot of 10,000mb before though) and Max I've seen for GPU is 2,500mb of vRam.
So if Playing at MAX settings, you should have a minimum of 8gb($40-60) but seeing as prices have been dropping just go 16gb($70-100) and forget about it. On the graphics card side of things if find one with a 3gb of vRam you should be good. most models even older generations of GPU's which had 3gb models where very capable and should still be with GW2.(except r7 240 4gb, or cheap nvidia GT710+ series heard rumors there's a 4gb variant also these won't run max settings)

Either way just thought this would be interesting.


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    Well 4gb is the recommended spec for minimum settings and it hasnt been adequate for gaming computers for many, many years. In 2010 maybe that was medium specs. Today its heavily leaning toward 16gb as standard, because Win10 with a gazillion launchers. I dont even have much running and Windows is still using 5gb+ idling (Chrome is only 1gb of that). Not to mention a Shadowplay ramdisk steals 2gb of ram, dont want to run that on SSDs.

    Anyway, the min spec for GW2 is actually a 256mb GPU, though that will probably be hard to come by today (PoF upped it to 8800GTS/2900XT levels, which is 640mb/512mb if I dont remember wrong). But really, dont even consider stuff like the GT710 either because that is absolute horsekitten. A GTX1050 which is like sub-budget gaming is somewhere around 500-750% faster. That's not a joke.

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