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Condi damage needs buff

shortbow or torch or dagger need to be more reliable - either longer condition duration or bigger bleed count on some attacks in the chain (dagger)
I'd further appreciate if bleeding did more damage through the trait hidden barbs (damage increase by 50 % not only 33%). Also 33% hit chance on crit for bleeding (sharpened edges) is just too weak for a trait, also make it 50%.


  • Eurantien.4632Eurantien.4632 Member ✭✭✭
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    This guy ^ yes.

    Especially that sharpened edges change!

    A big problem is ranger has relatively poor reapplication for condi dmg that really does dmg. Condi clear has had a big power creep with many skills curing condis that didn't before or curing more condis than before or both... things like "shake It off", signet of midnight traited, jaunt, etc. These skills simply didn't exist before like they do now.

    I can burn your dodges and finally land that split blade for 5 bleeds... but can't cover it anymore, especially with axe 3 condi durations nerfed. I can throw bonfire down and you can laugh at it because burning got reworked and torch didn't get touched.

  • Yeah you could also give us more cover conditions, like add cripple to sharpened edge if u wanna leave it at 33 %

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    Condi damage in general needs to be buffed, outside of a few raid bosses it's globally "bad" in pve.

  • Engal.6359Engal.6359 Member ✭✭

    Ok just don't buff it in pvp. We dont need a return of the condi meta lol.

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    @Engal.6359 said:
    Ok just don't buff it in pvp. We dont need a return of the condi meta lol.

    As opposed to huge power burst everywhere + scourge still hanging in there?

    Ranger front/back requirements to achieve not totally awful condi damage needs to go. MH dagger needs to be faster. Shortbow in general needs so, so much love, it's just...bad. Seriously spam the AA on a golem for a bit and compare the dmg to any power build.

  • The main problem with Ranger condition builds is that it does not offer any trait-utility-weapon synergies.
    Even the main PvE condition build is all over the place and is for the most part single target with a flanking restriction to boot.

    The reasons for that, in my opinion , are:

    • sharpened edges and trap mastery are in direct competition with each other (instead of sharpened edges being a minor)
    • traps (other then healing spring) offer no utility and sub par damage (no stun break for example)
    • torch offers no utility or control; its just one stack of long bleed and some AoE bleed ticks (for example throw torch could be a blind or a daze)
    • hidden barbs is just a damage boosting trait for the ranger and not the pet.

    Things that I would do...


    • sharpened edges is now a minor adept trait
    • hidden barbs moved to master minor slot; changed to - 25% bleeding damage to ranger, 50% bleeding damage to pet
    • tail wind and furious grip merged into a adept major trait
    • Hunter's tactics is now a 10% critical chance bonus against bleeding foes (no flanking requirement anymore) for both pet and ranger
    • Light on your feed - removed the dodging mechanic damage bonus; flat 120 expertise, another 120 when wielding a Short bow; removed piercing (added to some SB skills default)
    • new trait - Preparedness - cast a spike trap when hit by CC effects; 90 seconds internal CD


    • Spike trap - no cast time and is now a stun break
    • Ice trap - 1.5 second AOE freeze on trigger
    • Flame trap - blinds on initial burst
    • Vipers nest - weakens on initial burst
    • Healing spring - pulses some heal tics alongside regeneration and condition cleanse on activation

    Weapon skills:

    • poison volley pierces by default
    • crippling shot pierces by default
    • concussive shot changed to concussive blast - 240 AOE 1 second unblock able stun
    • throw torch dazes for 1.5 seconds on impact
    • bonfire pulses 1 might

    You can take traps, short bow and a condition off set and still have some utility and sustain.


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