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[Suggestion] Ranger 3rd Elite Specialization - The Shaman

I had this idea. I probably get a lot of hate for it...but oh well, I thought it would still be fun to share! I haven't worked out the details but I believe it can work as a concept. Shamans in Tyria already exist as a part of Norn culture of the Spirits of the Wild, and the Grawl have Shamans that summon totems that do various things. It is pretty neat!
Well, the Shaman is similar to the WoW shaman...but hear me out.

Shamans are versatile and formidable opponents, able to respond to any situation with a range of unique abilities.

The concept of mechanics works like this:

  • Grants access to Scepters / Maces and a set of improved Spirit skills and the ability to provide Enhancement to their pets.
  • Shamans' Spirit skills gain a more physical presence in the world. The Shaman can summon immensely powerful spirits which can cause a wide variety of area effects, from healing allies to attacking foes and grant boons until destroyed.(They will be visually be upgraded as well)
  • Enhancement allows the Shaman to improve the attributes of pet skills with new ones (providing some unique utility, in breaking snares, sprinting, stunning, and taunting enemies) depending on the type of spirit summoned while active, granting a stacking buff and gain special skills.

Enhancement pet skills defined by family:

  • Bird - Lost Μigration - Summons a spectral flock of birds that swarm multiple enemies causing magical damage and stunning.
  • Bear - Nature's Guardian - Invokes a loose roar, incapacitating all enemies for 3 sec. and giving allies might.
  • Fish - Riptide - Periodically sends out a tidal wave that gives allies Regeneration and grants them a reprieve from conditions as it travels.
  • Canine: Pact Tactics - Howls to Summon two more spectral canines of the same breed that pounce on enemies 3 times to inflict damage and dizziness.
  • Feline: [I really had no ideas here]
  • Plant - Reforestation - Takes root at its current location, becoming immobile, causing several entangling vines to grow, affecting up to 5 nearby enemies.
  • Wyvern: Spirit Fire - Breathes a cone magical flames that damage foes and cure conditions on allies.
  • Porcine: Stampede - Summons a stampede of spectral boars that trample enemies in their path.


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    I feel like ranger has enough support and melee in its specializations now. My opinion would be to go with rifle as next weapon. Move it back to being a ranger again

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    you really couldn't think of anything for utility skills besides "spirits but better".

    actually this whole thing feels more like a first concept draft then a concept

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