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Viability of Druid vs Soulbeast. (I am a returning player)

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Hello! As mentioned I have been away from Gw2 for over 2 years. I had a level 80 Herald but was working on a Ranger level 37, to become a Druid (only option) available at the time. I do love to heal and buff but I also enjoy great damage. I have been researching before I came here because I am super confused about the Druid healing nerf I’m reading about. Are Druids still a sought after class for dungeons, raids, fractals, pvp ect? I am truly asking as an absolute newb because there isn’t enough information after the nerf (that I can find) for me to know if I should consider a Druid as opposed to another class that heals/works better at this time. I will be playing with my husband and 2 friends most of the time , they are returning as well from a long hiatus so they can’t answer my questions 🥺 We will have a Chronomancer, Reaper and Firebrand (the guardian class I think it’s called). At the time we made these characters revenants healed and druids were considered better healers). I don’t want to work my rear off to only be heart broken later that I made a mistake and wasted mine and my friend’s time. That’s why I am coming to experienced players for your much needed and appreciated advice. ( on a side note I read revenants were nerfed too so I don’t know what to do). I will take to heart any good suggestions seriously

I should have mentioned I brought up the classes I’m playing with in case there is another suggestion of what I could play (Dps, Heal support ect)

Thank you for reading ❤️
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I’m sorry if this is not the correct area to post this, I wasn’t sure between Ranger Forum, Players Helping Other Players or Gw2 General Discussion


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    1. Yes it's the right forum
    2. Dont worry druid is still a heavily wanted support choice
    3. It's not mainly about the heals but about the buffs, the spirit changes made things a bit complicated to play though
    4. Revenant has higher heal per second than druid and is a decent support choice paired with a firebrand
    5. The lower heal of druid isn't that important in PvE, you will drop into avatar mode and buff allies up, then drop out and attack.
    6. Look up Snowcrows and Metabattle if you want to play with optimal builds, it's a good starting point for getting back into playing

    I hope this answers all questions.

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