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Help me choose

I have two level 80 characters with fully unlocked elite specializations: daredevil (power staff) and spellbreaker (power GS). However i have want to choose a main because i have limited gold (about one full set of exotic gear) and want to complete story without wasting time on alts.

I mostly play with a friend and would like a class that can solo/duo open world (mainly hard hero points). I enjoy both class mechanics equally but hate the fact that there are no options for daredevil style staff skins other than bo. I rarely(=never) use weapon swap and only use two active utilities other than heal and elite (I have gotten pretty good at dodging/countering boss attacks though). Which class is better at surviving while dealing high dps and defiance breaks in HoT/PoF maps?

TL;DR : which is better for noobs - power staff only daredevil or power GS only spellbreaker.


  • Aplethoraof.2643Aplethoraof.2643 Member ✭✭✭

    My advise to you when picking a main:

    • If other classes of the same armour type (light/medium/heavy) interest you, pick one with that armour type. Necro was my first main, but mesmer and ele also interested me. I was debating between Necro and Guardian. I picked Necro, because then I could lazily swap armour between the three light armour classes, while with Guardian, warrior (and later, Rev) didn't interest me so I wouldn't have as much flexibility.
    • Don't pick a class in an MMO that has more power in a particular area in a moment. A balance patch could very easily squash one, or empower the other. Pick the one that you enjoy the STYLE of the most, be that playstyle, aesthetic, or both. Even if the class seems "safe" from balance patches, don't be fooled. No class is safe, it is only a matter of time before you either get a nerf, a buff, or both.
    • You'll probably swap especs as new ones come out, or as you want to experiment. Judge the class on all its especs and builds, not just one. Pick the one with the most builds that you'll enjoy the playstyle of. This ties back to STYLE.

    With that in mind:
    Do you like Ranger and Engineer? What about Guardian and Revenant? If you like one duo of classes or another due of classes, or even like a single one of a duo more than the other two, then it might be worthwhile to consider picking that armour class. That way, you can painlessly switch classes.


    Which playstyle do you like more? Sneaky-Staby-Dodgy (Thief) or Dodgy-Blocky-Attacky (Warrior)? Which skills do you like to use better? Ignoring the numbers on each skill, and focusing on what the skills do at their core. Do you have a preference towards either one?

    Do you want a balanced GW2? Then you are obliged to unironically agree with this suggestion!

  • Daredevil seems squishy at first glance but their vaulting dodge + staff 5 melts open-world mobs while keeping you safe. I vote DD.

  • Eros.6801Eros.6801 Member ✭✭✭

    If you only playing around OW then that's a really tough choice, i'm just gonna give my rough opinion.

    • I agreed with everything @Aplethoraof.2643 had said, spend atleast an hour preview and mix up all kind of armor in the bank wardrode and see which type of armor you like better, medium or heavy, try to think if you HAVE TO PICK another class beside those 2 which will you choose ? (no light armor class please cuz it'll make your life more complicated :p , just between medium and heavy classes)
    • Both class able to deal high dps while staying alive,
    • Thief using Invigorating Precision along with Signet of Malice and that's it, as you crit you heal and quite fast, the downside is with only 11k HP and only using staff sometimes would be difficult to out-heal heavy hit from enemies cause nearly instant down, fortunately marauder gear can solves this problem.
    • War on the other hand the heal is abit trickier, search google for "GW2 Lord Hizen Spellbreaker solo 4 army" watch that video, im using the same build, its really strong, the downside is gearing up won't be cheap but the build is stable and able to withstand alot of pressure. I'll pick war tbh just because i also like Rev (now currently my main)

    MEH !!!

  • Auburner.6945Auburner.6945 Member ✭✭✭

    Spellbreaker is more forgiving than most classes given the amount of HP you have, the passives, the boons, which Thief pretty much lacks when its alone. Also, for Daredevil, missing a beat can be your death while Spellbreaker can withstand lots of damage in comparison. Spellbreaker also has much better CC than Thief, because thief's CC is great only when surrounded by allies and I am not a fan of relying on 1 or 2 abilities only for CC. Both are capable of dishing out high damage, but for thief, your damage relies on how many conditions your enemy has while keeping in mind that you can barely generate boons as much as a warrior.

    I would go for Warrior in terms of carry potential and ease, but maybe you should give both more time before settling on one.

    For Daredevil staff skin, there are 2 good skins; expensive: Dominator skin, cheap: Forged skin.

    Pull the strings. Watch them dance.

  • InsaneQR.7412InsaneQR.7412 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I'd say warrior is a good pick because it is very beginner friendly. It depends what you like more on these two professions.
    Additionally it is advisable to do some gold farms to get you some freedom to choose your main.

  • Safandula.8723Safandula.8723 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Imo: warrior easier and safer, dd much more funny. As someone said, u melt trash mobs with dodges and vaults

    make prepardness baseline plz

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    IMO they would both serve you equally well, but if you're practiced at dodging, I think Daredevil would be the stronger choice - nothing can kill you if you can't be hit.

    When you said you don't weapon swap, is that just a preference, as in you don't like weapon swapping, or just what you experience playing Daredevil?

    I ask because weapon swapping is critical for Warrior as it's one of their unique traits, so if you don't like to weapon swap, that might not be the best fit. For Daredevil, I totally concur. I run my Daredevil with Staff/Shortbow. Not only do I think shortbow on thief is super special awesome, but on Daredevil I never have a reason to weapon swap, as our combat isn't governed by cooldowns but by initiative.

    I also personally feel DD would be way faster for map completion / filling hearts. That you can run non stop, equipped with weapons that offer fantastic cleave (Staff / SB), and add to that crazy mobility with shadow step / SB 5, the only other profession I've played that melts mobs for hearts as quickly was power scourge.

    The only weakness of Daredevil is you can find yourself leaping off things by accident. Some maps, as well as fractals, have you engaging in combat on cliffs, parapets, ledges, bridges, and one isn't careful, a dodge in the wrong direction can ruin your day. The same is true of Warrior though, as a GS 3 / GS 5 used at the wrong time can turn you into a lemming. But DD has to be dodging all the time, so it's more of an issue.

    You are correct on the limited availability of "decent" staff skins though, an issue you won't have with Warrior, since there are tons of awesome GS, Sword, and Axe skins to choose from.

    I'll post a couple of my fav staff skins below, sadly some of them are crazy expensive:'s_Lightward's_Battlestaff (I use this one)'s_Staff

    I also think that the Bo is a pretty nice skin on it's own.

    DD I find is a super fun spec to play, but as people said above, Thief can be very squishy, while Warrior wears heavy armor and has a chunky health pool.

    Hope that helps!

  • Westenev.5289Westenev.5289 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Daredevil staff has insane passive healing with the critical strikes traitline... the trait that heals you on crit. Signet of agility + berserker armour can put you near 100% crit, so you can definately feel it while cleaving through hoards of enemys. Deadly arts also has mug, so that's another good heal to maintain scholars passive.

    I prefer thief over warrior, because to me warrior feels clunky, slow and glassy. Thief is nimble, has good solo sustain and dps, and the staff feels cool. Thief also doen't need to weaponswap, which is a big plus.

    If I might make a reading suggestion, you could try aiming to buy a Darkspear or a lightwards battlestaff. Both are relatively good staff skins for the Daredevil, at least in my opinion.