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Southeast Asian Ranked PvP Players

Evo.7408Evo.7408 Member
edited April 20, 2019 in Looking for Team

Looking for good players who likely play the same time as mine. Also would prefer to help us rank up.

Please reply to this or send me mail in the game. My game name is Evo.7408.



  • What is "good" for you tho? I'm Bronze 3 and I think I'm good enough.

    Good luck on your search, sire. I heard players from SEA/AU suffer from abysmal pings.

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  • Ralkuth.1456Ralkuth.1456 Member ✭✭✭

    Might be better to introduce your rank, what your favorite classes are and what you think about sPvP and stuff like that.
    A bit more background will make people interested in talking to you and getting to know you/your group better.

    Also, 250-300 ping is the usual thing SEA players have to deal with and it is a handicap you have to try and overcome - some do, some don't.

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  • Just ran into this tool in back-to-back ranked matches. He just spent the whole time in the base, refusing to play and complaining that other people were manipulating the match.

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