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Beginner confused regarding builds.

I'm new to GW2 and a bit confused about the skilling possibilities. In order to avoid that I ruin my char from the beginning because of wrong skilling I wanted to check how to build my preferred profession properly. Unfortunately I noticed that there are different builds for different ocassions. There are builds for WvW, open pve, factals and raids...
So, I'm not sure what to do. Can I save different builds so that I can switch between them or do I have to unlearn everything everytime I want to do something else?

Until now I have not bought the two add ons. I want to get an impression of the game first before I buy the add ons. If I'm not wrong there are less character slots than possible professions. but I want to try out every profession. Do I get more slots when I buy the add ons or is there another way to get more char slots?

Thx in advanced


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    Once you hit lv80 you will be able to unlock EVERY skill and trait for your profession. And you can swap them on the fly when you're out of combat. So there is no way of ruining your character by just unlocking skills while leveling from 1 to 80.

    Just pick what looks fun to you and eventually you will unlock everything.

    I think that F2P accounts have 2 character slots and if you buy any expansion you can have 5 character slots in total so you will have to buy 4 more character slots for gems - ingame currency. One character slot costs 800 gems which is about 240 gold or a few $. But you can just try out any profession and then salvage your gear/put it into your bank and delete the character to create a new one.

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    once unlocked you can switch out skills, traits and traitlines whenever you're out of combat. (this extends to the especs from the expansions) so ruining your character is impossible

    you can't save builds tho.

    as for character slots: yes, you get more when you're B2P. 5 total initially iirc and more can be bought on the gemstore

    I Have No friends, so I Must pug

  • Hi and thx for the immediate response.

    If I understand you right there are no costs if I want to change something in my build? If I'm not wrong I have read something about champion points?

    I have 5 slots because I got GW2 from somebody who bought the game in the past. That means I have to buy 4 more character slots for gems. Is it difficult to get so much gold?

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    @MCFly.9578 said:
    Hi and thx for the immediate response.

    If I understand you right there are no costs if I want to change something in my build? If I'm not wrong I have read something about champion points?

    Yeah, it's free to change skills. There are hero points you earn as you go along the game, and which you are awarded for free when you reach certain levels. You use those to unlock the various skills. But you will get more than enough by the time you hit Level 80 to unlock ALL the basic skills, and after that you can use them to unlock elite specialization skills. (Once you have the add-ons, that is.) You are only a little restricted at the beginning of the game, before you have earned enough hero points to unlock a wide variety. But leveling happens fast as you explore and take part in events, especially at the lower levels, so just relax and try out new skills as you get them.

    Gold is a little harder to get at low levels, but you have five character slots to play with for now, that should keep you busy for quite some time! Don't worry about serious gold farming until you have those slots filled and ranked up. If you do the dailies every day, gold accumulates. (I assume you want those 9 characters so you can try all the professions.) Character slots are 800 gems each. At today's exchange rates 3200 gems will be about 1150 gold. It will take time and/or obsessive grinding and saving to get so much, but it is entirely doable. You might want to keep an eye on the exchange rates and buy gems whenever it hits a low rate, looking at a long-term goal like that. You might also want to hold off on buying those character slots till they go on sale, which occasionally happens.

  • Okay thanks for the help. I think I get it now.

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