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WvW/Open world gearing question

Matsumori Oukanishi.8794Matsumori Oukanishi.8794 Member ✭✭
edited April 25, 2019 in Guardian

So I currently only have core guardian unlocked and the first 30 point ability from dragonhunter unlocked that gives you the bow. I also have armorsmith and weaponsmith to 500 and i wanted to craft me a good WvW/Open world gear set for each of the following build types:

  • power damage build
  • condition damage build (is there a condi-spec in core guard or does it only come onboard with firebrand?)
  • and a support healing/boon build.

I want to be able to use all of these sets in WvW mainly so im shying away from glass cannon such as full berserker. So with that in mind, what stat sets do you think i should build for each of the roles above?

EDIT: In crafting my way to 500 in armorsmith, I currently have a full set of Dire, Rabid, Shaman, and Magi Exotic Gear. Would one of these sets be good for the condi and support sets? Or are they all salvage bait for the Ectos?

Second EDIT: I also have a slightly altered set of the soldier gear that came with the lvl 80 boost. It's been serving pretty well for my power builds, but I was just wondering if there was something better. I am running Berserker weapons, with Soldier armor and accessories, Eagle Runes, and Precision/Ferocity jewels. This gets me about 2300 power, 33% crit, and around 185% crit damage, with good vitality/toughness. Should I just keep this or craft something else now that its pretty easy to do?


  • Ustaf.2953Ustaf.2953 Member ✭✭

    Full Marauder For power damage builds, no question. if you want more damage you can slot some berserker rings/trinkets.

    Support/Healing/boon you want full minstrels (for Firebrand) or if going core i have found good success with Celestial

  • Thanks Ustaf