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Guild Halls - Building made easier

I got a random idea that could possibly be implemented sometimes in the future. As someone who's interested in making guild hall more beautiful and fill it with random stuff, I kinda find it annoying that I cannot see how the item will actually fit into the place until I actually craft it/buy it.

The idea is that we get the ability to project certain stuff in GH without previously getting decorations. Think of it like this: I want to build the living room in some part of the GH, i open up the decorations tab, choose what i want to put in there (chairs for example), and leave it on the ground as 'project item' (can be like silhouette of an object). Next, when I finish projecting whole place, I go out there collect the mats and build the stuff I need. After that, I simply go to the previously projected area, and by single F click, silhouette is filled with actual object.

I believe this would make guild hall decorating much easier, especially if the items needed for guild halls are bought with some currencies (like racing tokens for example).


  • A nice idea. Even just being able to preview the items easily in game would help.

  • Cronospere.8143Cronospere.8143 Member ✭✭✭

    Too much work to do this. I would prefer they focus on new features affecting gameplay in the guildhall. When new decorations come out there is a group that build those new items, if they can, so information about size is quickly online.

  • Katastroff.1045Katastroff.1045 Member ✭✭✭
    edited April 29, 2019

    Guild halls, you mean those gigantically empty useless place? Something the size of ''Lilly of the Elon'' would be more then enough.

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