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    edited May 5, 2019

    so you boosted/rushed to 80, only have core unlocked and think you can do PoF without a problem nor thinking? Using some glassy meta build? From the same people, who think that zerker is everything?

    Yeah, could be a bit cumbersome.

    a) don't do zerker. You die a lot? Try marauder. Who cares about 10% less damage, with 30% more health?
    b) lots of wvw roaming builds are actually quite nice for solo pve. A bit less damage, a lot more sustain.
    c) don't rush in, seperate mobs and take them out one by one. Takes a bit longer but actually works.
    d) do all the hero points you skipped and unlock/master the elite you really want to play.

    It is really not that hard. Especially on easy classes - which is basically everything but ele.

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    LOL! MMORPG = MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER online role playing game, it is supposed to go to the multiplayer direction. If you are a solo player and you're so unhappy with GW2 then go play single player games. This game is far from empty and it has more than enough soloable content. GW1 is CORPG, btw.

    These posts are the reason we need a down vote option. MMO means a lot pf people can play at once, nothing about forcing the need for group play.

  • @Ashen.2907 said:

    @Khisanth.2948 said:
    Although if people can find Queensdale too challenging on a lv80 I can definitely see how LS2 would be non-soloable ...

    LOL. Solid point.

    It could be that OP was referring to these guys:

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