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So what is it that makes a Rifle+Great sword warrior "Bad"

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It seems like the theme for pvp is "tanky circle man". Everyone wants someone who is relatively hard to kill, who can bombard an area with tons of AOE, if you're not doing that, you're spinning as either a thief or a warrior as a wrecking ball.

I only own the base game, so i don't know much about the newer stuff. What i do know is that I literally bought this game and have played it for the GS+Rifle warrior because i think it is the most unique and fun thing to play out of any mmo i've ever played. And ive played a lot of MMO's.

So lets talk about what makes it bad, so that we can address it's weaknesses.

  1. To be impactful here you need to load yourself up with a ton of power and precision. To do this, you naturally sacrifice inate tankyness. You become a glass cannon.
  2. There's a massive weakness in the mid range. Too close to use the rifle, too far to use the great sword. Bassically any class that can get close while zoning, rangers obliterate us, i have been downed by their pets alone
  3. I have an internal debate over the rifles lack of AOE. On the one hand, all shots peirce the target, so a kill shot could go through 5 players and kill all of them. On the other hand, thats never going to happen


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