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post patch pvp reaper build

foste.3098foste.3098 Member ✭✭✭
Played in platinum t3 and t2 with good results. (keep in mind that the build editor is not yet up to date)

The build uses the new soul eater trait in conjunction with blighter's boon and vital persistence in order to attain decent self sustain while still maintaining high damage output and cleave potential. Soul eater can heal you while in shroud and vital persistence amplifies the healing amount you get from soul eater as well as blighter's boon and your healing skill on top of whatever your teammates splash out.
Rune of the fighter has superb synergy with 'your soul is mine' and blighter's boon as you will get ~11% life force when using the healing skill; 5% from the skill and another 5% from getting 5 might from the rune, amplified to around 11% lf due to gluttony. This means that you can cast the heal at game start and have enough lf to enter shroud without connecting with any other skills.
Focus is now a decent choice as the new skill 4 on it is amazing at pumping shroud, to have the most chance it connects use it against enemies who are ~700 range of you and are not running directly away since the projectile is rather slow but it tracks the target. Focus also gives you access to non-lesser spinal shivers that has a range of 1200 and can crit, use this as your opener against who ever you want to focus especially if they have boons on.
The build can struggle against builds that apply conditions constantly, so if you suspect that the enemy team has 2 or more of such builds re-trait for spiteful renewal and consider replacing spectral armor with well of power (entering shroud after you drop well of power will give you health as conditions transforming in to boons counts for blighter's boon).


  • KrHome.1920KrHome.1920 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 10, 2019

    Solid build.

    Good idea for a bruiser.

    Personally I think Blighter's Boon is not good these days, but you have some nice synergies (traits, sigils, rune) related to it in your build.

    Your utility skillbar is the same I run most of the time. Decent!

    Demolisher is a no brainer for Soul Reaping power reapers. Basically your only good choice (and Paladin for every build that does not utilize SR).

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