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Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlocks - NOT !!!!

I am bitterly disappointed in the Updated Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlocks.
When I purchased the External Package I was looking forward to possibly some new Armour or an Outfit or something to wear. ANET changed that.
ANET added Dyes and Miniatures to Wardrobe Unlocks. This is wrong, in my opinion.
If I want random miniatures I can buy eggs, If I want random dyes I can buy dye packages. Neither of them are appropriate for Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlocks.
A Guaranteed Wardrobe unlock should be for something my characters can wear. Not for something I keep in a kennel.
Personally I do not believe Weapon Skins should be in Wardrobe Unlocks.
These changes have devalued the concept of being a "Guaranteed Wearable" into here some random stuff.

Guaranteed Wardrobe unlocks are NOT Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlocks anymore.



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